Today’s free doll clothes pattern will fit Monster High, Ever After High, Kuu Kuu Harajuku, and retro vintage Stacie among other dolls @ #MonsterHigh #VintageDolls

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I frequently get requests for Monster High doll clothes patterns. When I first started this blog, I was hesitant to support the Monster High dolls in any way because the argument at the time was that these dolls were too skinny and made little girls insecure about their bodies.

However if you’ve ever watched the Monster High show, you would know that the theme for the show is one of acceptance. No matter whether the monster doll has two heads, a tail, horns, or is super tall, every body is a beautiful body. I think that’s a pretty neat theme!

Having worked in education for many years, I’ve seen kids with all kinds of abilities coupled with various disabilities, and in my mind, the Monster High dolls help these children realize their potential. So today I’m offering a free pattern that fits the Monster High dolls, among others.

Today’s pattern will fit these dolls:

Here’s your free, printable PDF sewing pattern for making the capri pants and/or felt dress:

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