Sew a pretty springtime dress for your 11-inch fashion dolls w/free patterns! #spring #dollclothes

This image shows a Queens of Africa doll wearing a pretty handmade dress made of thin pink material decorated with polka dots and flowers on pink and white striped fabric. The dress has a short, straight skirt and a summery bodice with straps made of ribbon. The watermark says, " Free doll clothes patterns and tutorials." The Queens of Africa dolls have a body shape similar to a Barbie-sized doll. She stands 11 inches high and has dark chocolate complexion. Her hair is quite curly. To purchase a Queens of Africa doll, go to In this image, we see the doll quite close-up, and the fabric fits her figure flatteringly.

In the bullets below, you’ll find my free printable PDF sewing pattern and a link to an older tutorial video for making the dress shown in the image at the top of the page:

The tutorial video shows a plaid version of this dress, which has been very popular on my website:

A Mattel Barbie (Kira) doll wears a strappy red plaid dress with a short skirt and a pair of red high heel boot-like shoes. She stands before an image of the Palace of Versailles near Paris, France. The watermark says, "Chelly Wood dot com free doll clothes patterns and tutorials."
Visit for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

Due to its popularity, I thought I’d sew another version of it, to demonstrate how pretty the same dress would be in a floral stripe pattern.

And I’m very happy with how it turned out!

The doll pictured in the image at the very top of this page is a Queens of Africa doll. You can learn more about these lovely dolls at

The Queens of Africa dolls were designed by Taofick Okoya.

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4 thoughts on “Sew a pretty springtime dress for your 11-inch fashion dolls w/free patterns! #spring #dollclothes

  1. Hi I am looking for the basic Barbie dress that I saw on YouTube but cannot find it. Any help?
    So many thanks for this website and patterns,they are such a great resource! Elisa from Italy

    1. I think you mean this dress:

      Because you took the time to leave a comment, I went back to the YouTube video and investigated. And I discovered that the link I put in the description below the video was, indeed, the wrong link! So thank you for taking the time to point this out. You saved me (and other folks) a lot of trouble by pointing out the error.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying my patterns!

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