Free PDF sewing pattern for #vintage #dolls @ #PDFpattern Wednesday

The image shows a visual version of a free printable PDF sewing pattern for making doll clothes to fit the 1960s version of the vintage Ideal Toy Corp Tammy doll. The pattern includes capri pants and a top / shirt which can be sewn sleeveless or made with short sleeves. The pattern has a "creative commons attribution" mark on it, so if you download the free printable PDF sewing pattern for these doll clothes (found at, please show your appreciation by sharing this JPG version of the pattern with your friends, family, and social media followers.
Visit for free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

This pattern may look a lot like the “Summer Wardrobe” pattern that I’ve made for 11 inch dolls, but Ideal’s Tammy doll is a little bigger than your average 11 inch fashion dolls. So these patterns are best suited to collectible vintage Tammy and Sindy dolls.

Here is the easy-to-print PDF version of today’s pattern, but if you do print out my patterns, please show your appreciation by also pinning the above JPG version on Pinterest, upload pictures of your finished outfit on Instagram, or share news of this website’s free patterns some other way:

Tomorrow I’ll post the tutorial video showing you how to make these capris, and the video tutorial will also have some footage that will most likely look very familiar to you…

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