#FridayFollow : AGBC is a place where #doll #bloggers can connect

This is a picture of the Chelly Wood doll at her computer. She's looking at the cover art for a doll collector's blog and meetup website. This image illustrates today's #FridayFollow recommendation.
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I recently found a new website that is designed for doll-related bloggers to reblog on various doll topics and generally meet other doll-related bloggers. It’s called AGBC, but it’s not just for American Girl fans. Other doll bloggers are welcome too.

They just got their blog underway, so they’re still brand new. But I love the idea! The initials AGBC stand for American Girl Bloggers Club.

I do belong to a lot of doll-related Facebook groups where people like to post pictures, but blogs are more about writing. I’m not sure where AGBC will go with their shared blog concept, but I joined in the hope that I can meet other doll bloggers and do some collaborative things with them.

So you should migrate over to AGBC and check out what they have so far.

I interviewed the manager of the site, Natalie Therese, and here’s what she told me about AGBC:

Chelly: What’s the purpose of the AG Blogger’s Club?

Natalie: The main purpose of AGBC is a place for AG bloggers to connect and meet new people. There are tons of bloggers out there, and it’s always fun to meet new ones. Secondarily, AGBC is a great place to promote your site! Members get to have their site address and profile added to the AGBC site, and can also reblog their posts.

Chelly: Who is qualified to join the club?

Natalie: Anyone who has a doll blog is eligible! The application process is as easy as filling out the form on our website.

Chelly: Is it only for people who enjoy collecting American Girl dolls, or can anyone who blogs about dolls join?

Natalie: While American Girl doll bloggers are our main audience, other types of doll bloggers are definitely welcome.

Chelly: How does this club benefit those who join?

Natalie: Bloggers who join get extra publicity, early access to some giveaways and contests, a place to meet new people, and a cool, personalized sidebar button stating their membership.

Chelly: Can children join? Or is it only for adults?

Natalie: Doll lovers of all ages are welcome! As long as you have a blog, you can apply to join and be part of the AGBC community.

In case you didn’t catch it earlier in this blog post, here’s a link to their site: https://agbloggersclub.home.blog/

Do you know of other apps or websites where doll bloggers can meet up for collaborative projects? Leave a comment with a link!

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