#PDFpattern Wednesday: download a free skirt pattern for 28-inch Barbie #dolls @ ChellyWood.com

Image shows the top section of a knife-pleat skirt for 28 inch Barbie dolls. On the pattern it also shows Crissy dolls, American Girl dolls, and 18 inch Madame Alexander dolls wearing the same argyle skirt with knife pleats that was made using this pattern.
Please visit ChellyWood.com for FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

As promised, here are the patterns you’ll need to make the argyle skirt with knife pleats that we saw in Monday’s post and yesterday’s post:

This week’s patterns are sort of a long set of patterns, equaling four pages of patterns. Please note that the patterns must be cut out and taped together, as the instructions on the patterns explain. The image at the top of this page is only one of the four pages you’ll need to make the pleated skirt.

For anyone who’s wondering, “argyle” is simply the term used for the type of plaid pattern on the cotton fabric that I used when I made my doll’s skirt. You could actually make this skirt out of any cotton fabric or even a cotton-blend fabric.

Wouldn’t it be cute in navy blue with white polka dots, for example? I hope somebody tries that one!

And I bet you’ve noticed that there are some 18 inch dolls that fit into this skirt too… Yes, it fits my Kaya doll from American Girl, my 18 inch Madame Alexander doll, and my Crissy doll as well as my 28 inch Barbie!

Check out yesterday’s blog post to learn more about my vintage Crissy doll from Ideal Toy Corp.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my tutorial video explaining how to make this pleated skirt. 🙂


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