Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns for clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows 12 in. baby doll wearing a handmade halter-style doll dress in a bright and colorful floral print. Overlay says, "baby dress" and offer the URL for the free printable sewing patterns for making the dress shown on the baby doll.

Sew a baby #dolls dress w/free #dollClothes #patterns @

Here’s the tutorial video showing you how to sew the baby doll dress that I showed you in Monday’s post. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to re-post the links to the patterns you’ll need as well, so here they are: Floral halter dress pattern 1 Floral halter dress pattern 2 For anyone who’s wanting to use the pattern for your vintage Velvet doll from Ideal, … Continue reading Sew a baby #dolls dress w/free #dollClothes #patterns @