Click on the link in the caption to navigate to the page where you can find a free printable PDF sewing pattern for the felt summer top or felt dress bodice shown in the photo. The image shows a modern made-to-move Barbie modeling an easy-to-sew felt summer shirt in the style of a tank top with ribbons for straps. The overlay says, "Easy summer top DIY" and offers the URL where you can find free printable sewing patterns for this and hundreds of other doll clothes patterns to fit Barbie and many other dolls of many shapes and sizes.

#Felt top beginners’ #sewing tutorial @ #crafts

  Here’s the DIY tutorial video showing you how to make the fashion doll felt summer top pictured in Monday’s post, using the FREE printable sewing pattern I posted in Tuesday’s post. If you’d like to make a skirt like the one pictured in Monday’s post, I’ll be sharing my “How to Design Your Own Skirt Pattern” tutorial video tomorrow. Or you could use any … Continue reading #Felt top beginners’ #sewing tutorial @ #crafts