Here’s a simple #sewing tip: how to #sew snaps on #fabric @

Yesterday I posted my DIY tutorial for making a super easy-to-sew felt top for Monster High™ dolls. The only hard part (for a beginner anyway) was sewing the snaps on the felt.

In this video, I show you the fundamental basics of sewing a snap onto fabric. For the more advanced sewist, there’s also a trick to aligning your snaps: push a straight pin through the middle of your snap from behind to align it with its partner. (Haven’t you always wondered why snaps have that hole in the middle? I don’t know if the hole in the middle was invented for this reason, but it certainly can be used for this purpose to a sewist’s advantage!)

If you’re new to sewing, it wouldn’t hurt to review the basic straight stitch as well, especially if you’re learning to sew by hand.

2 thoughts on “Here’s a simple #sewing tip: how to #sew snaps on #fabric @

  1. I like the way you sew on snaps. I have never seen it done this way. From now on I am sewing them on YOUR WAY. I have been sewing for 60+ years. Most of what I sew/knit/crochet I donate to non profit centers. I enjoy my crafts and feel good when it helps. Hugs LesLey

    1. Aww! LesLey, that’s wonderful!

      People give me used dolls a lot, and recently I had to downsize my craft room so I gave some of my dolls to a local daycare. It does feel good to donate to charitable causes! Good for you!

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