Image shows a printable paper pattern for sewing a doll clothes outfit for the 17.5-inch "Freak du Chic" Monster High dolls (or dolls of a similar size and shape). This pattern includes a sleeveless shirt pattern and a jeans pattern.

Sew #MHdolls 17-inch #dolls jeans w/FREE pattern from

This week I’m going to show you how to make a pair of elastic-waist jeans for a 17-inch doll with a very slender waist, like the 17.5-inch Monster High® dolls from the “Freak du Chic” collection. When I first saw the Monster High® dolls, I was concerned. “Is this doll generating a negative body image for girls?” I wondered. And then I stumbled across a video … Continue reading Sew #MHdolls 17-inch #dolls jeans w/FREE pattern from