#DIY #Tights for Fashion #Dolls

About a month ago, I got an email from a regular visitor to ChellyWood.com. She was wondering how to make tights for dolls. That’s when I started planning my Halloween costumes for fashion dolls, so as I made plans, I wanted to be sure to include a “DIY tights” tutorial for that particular person who requested it.

In this tutorial, I show you how simple it is to make doll tights from an unmatched sock. It doesn’t matter how big or small your doll is; as long as you can find a sock that will wrap around that doll, you’ve got an easy route to making a pair of DIY doll tights.

Incidentally, you can also make doll underpants out of socks, in much the same way. Of course, I offer an easy enough doll underpants pattern for American Girl, Madame Alexander, and similar-sized 18-inch dolls, right here on ChellyWood.com. But you can also adapt the tutorial above to make quick and easy dolly underpants for dolls of nearly any size.

This tutorial is, of course, the very last piece in the creation of the black cat Halloween costume that I started posting two weeks back. Now you have everything you need to make a Halloween costume for fashion dolls like Barbie®, Liv Dolls®, Momokoand more.


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