This image is a screenshot of the gallery page found at where you can download and print free patterns to fit Mattel's 12 inch Fashionista Tall Barbie dolls. The image offers a preview of what the gallery looks like, but it doesn't include all of the outfits that are clickable on the page. For each outfit, free patterns are provided.

FREE 12-inch Tall Barbie Doll Clothes Patterns

ATTENTION BLOG FOLLOWERS: Today’s blog post is part of the new 2019 website renovations. I’m working behind the scenes to make it easier to find the patterns you want. If you’d like to make one of the outfits shown in this gallery, just follow these directions: Click on the photograph of the outfit you’d like to sew. This will take you to a larger image … Continue reading FREE 12-inch Tall Barbie Doll Clothes Patterns

The image shows Mattel's "Just Play" best fashion friend barbie doll, which stands at 28 inches tall. She wears a hand-made pair of shorts with nautical-themed fabric print and a felt hand-made shirt. She's an African-American doll with her hair pulled back in a pony tail. The title header says, "28-inch doll shorts" and offers the URL, where you can find both the free printable sewing patterns for 28 inch dolls, but also the tutorial videos that show you step by step, how to sew each item of doll clothing. It's likely that these free 28 inch doll patterns not only fit Mattel's 28 inch Barbie, but they may also fit the Disney Descendants 28 inch dolls as well.

Let’s sew some shorts for 28-inch #dolls @! #sewing #crafts

Yesterday I gave you the free pattern. Are you ready to sew these adorable shorts now? For your convenience, I’m re-posting the free, printable sewing pattern for these adorable nautical-themed 28-inch dolls’ shorts right here: Free printable sewing pattern for 28-inch dolls’ shorts These shorts are designed to fit the 28-inch dolls like Mattel’s 28-inch Just Play Barbie (sometimes called Best Fashion Friend). I would also … Continue reading Let’s sew some shorts for 28-inch #dolls @! #sewing #crafts

Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns and tutorials for making doll clothes for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows Mattel's Tall Barbie from the Fashionista line wearing a hand-made white wedding gown and veil. She stands before a 1:6 scale china hutch filled with tiny pieces of white china that reflect the lovely folds of white lace, eyelet, and velvet ribbons adorning Tall Barbie's wedding dress. Her gown flows above the hard wood floor in her little diorama. Opposite the china hutch is a table holding a white tea set decorated with tiny pink flowers. Above that is a window and between the window and the china hutch, a famous painting of Romeo and Juliet hangs on the wall. Barbie wears a long veil made of lace, pipe cleaners, and ribbon. The watermark says, " free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes."

Sew a #formal #wedding gown for #tallBarbie

Isn’t this dress absolutely gorgeous? Yet with the felt bodice and layered skirts, you may find it’s not too hard to make! The image above is a preview of what we’ll be sewing this week, here at It’s a wedding gown to fit Mattel’s Tall Barbie from the Fashionista line and similar-sized dolls. Because I’ll be posting three different free sewing patterns for this … Continue reading Sew a #formal #wedding gown for #tallBarbie

Free #doll clothes #patterns for 17-inch #dolls @

My regular followers will recognize this as one of the outfits I designed and posted around Christmas time, but did you know the new Endless Hair Princess 17″ Barbie doll can wear this outfit as well as my Tonner doll? Here are the patterns and tutorials you’ll need to make the outfit shown above: Free printable doll clothes pattern for simple felt sleeveless shirt Tutorial … Continue reading Free #doll clothes #patterns for 17-inch #dolls @

Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a pattern for the bodice of a fashion doll quinceanera dress to fit dolls the size of Barbies or other similar-sized fashion dolls. The pattern includes three different bodice styles.

FREE #sewing patterns for #TallBarbie #quince dress

If you go back to the one-shoulder-look wedding dress project that I posted a while ago or the one-shoulder look prom or quinceañera dress that I posted just last week, you’ll find a pattern that looks very similar to this one. But be advised: the patterns are not exactly the same. I’ve adapted the center bodice pattern–widened it some–so that it will fit Mattel’s Tall … Continue reading FREE #sewing patterns for #TallBarbie #quince dress

Image shows Mattel's Tall Barbie from the Fashionista line wearing a pair of hand-made bell bottom jeans (boot cut jeans) with a tie dye shirt. She poses in front of a painting of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris (a facsimile of the famous painting by Monet), and she stands beside a wicker papasan chair with a handmade gray and pink cushion that has been upholstered with 1:6 scale buttons. The Tall Barbie's expression looks cheerful and spontaneous, like someone took the photo unexpectedly.

Update: #TallBarbie #Patterns and #Tutorial

I hope everyone enjoyed my free printable patterns and tutorial for the Barbie (or other fashion doll) quinceañera dress that I posted this past week. I sure had fun making that pattern. Granted, it was challenging to design, but I love a good challenge! Now it’s time for me to catch up on some other business. Sometimes I have to do a series of “update” posts, to … Continue reading Update: #TallBarbie #Patterns and #Tutorial

Image shows a fashion doll seated in a 1:6 scale wicker chair that has been painted white. She has one leg crossed over the other, and she's wearing a pair of 1:6 scale sized dolly bell bottom jeans. The overlays says "Doll Jeans DIY" and offers the URL

Let’s #Sew a Pair of #Jeans for #Dolls!

Let’s sew a pair of jeans for dolls today! As shown in this video, the pattern I posted yesterday will fit tall dolls like the Tall Barbie® from Mattel’s Fashionista line. But also, with a pair of high-heeled boots, it will fit a normal-sized (11.5-inch) fashion doll as well. Take a look back at Monday’s post to see how it looks on two different sized … Continue reading Let’s #Sew a Pair of #Jeans for #Dolls!

Visit for free, printable doll clothes patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a 16-inch Tonner doll wearing a hand-made business suit, which includes an elegant business-style jacket with darts that create an hourglass figure for the doll. Her jacket has long sleeves, a collar, and it buttons up the front. Its fabric is printed with tiny red and white floral images. The business skirt is a simple blue skirt that is approximately knee length. She wears white pumps and stands before a purple fabric backdrop. Overlay says, "16 to 17 inch (41 centimeters to 43 centimeters) D I Y dolls' clothes" and offers the URL: followed by the motto: FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

#Sewing #Tutorial w/FREE Patterns for #Dolls’ Clothes @

Here’s the tutorial to match the patterns I’ve posted this week. In short, here’s what you’ll need to make the jacket (or blouse) shown in the video above: Pattern 1: You’ll need the shirt’s front and back, plus the collar from this pattern. Pattern 2: You’ll need the sleeve from this pattern. You’ll notice there’s also a pattern for pants/jeans with the long-sleeve pattern. I’m … Continue reading #Sewing #Tutorial w/FREE Patterns for #Dolls’ Clothes @

Image of sewing pattern for a shirt (with either long sleeves or short sleeves) and a pencil skirt. Patterns are designed to fit Mattel's Tall Barbie, and there's an image of her wearing a pencil skirt and the long-sleeved top.

#TallBarbie skirt and top is #11 on my top 15 free sewing patterns list #TheDollEvolves

This is my “Skirt and Top Patterns for Tall Dolls,” and it’s #11 on my list of the “Top 15 Downloaded Patterns from” If you haven’t heard about this series of posts, go back to visit my announcement page for the Top 15 series. That will explain my plans for the month of May on If you’re a fan of Mattel’s new Fashionistas® … Continue reading #TallBarbie skirt and top is #11 on my top 15 free sewing patterns list #TheDollEvolves

Mix-N-Match 5: #TallBarbie #dolls’ shirt-N-pants FREE patterns @ #TheDollEvolves

Here are the patterns and tutorials you’ll need to make the easy-peasy felt summer shirt pictured above, along with the intermediate-level pants that Tall Barbie® is wearing: FREE printable shirt pattern Tutorial for making the shirt Free printable pants pattern Tutorial for making pants I don’t like the way the darts turned out on that shirt, so I redesigned this pattern in 2018 and re-posted it. Therefore, … Continue reading Mix-N-Match 5: #TallBarbie #dolls’ shirt-N-pants FREE patterns @ #TheDollEvolves

Image shows Curvy Barbie, Tall Barbie, Petite Barbie, Spin Master Liv Doll, Lammily Doll, and Momoko Doll all modeling the same shirt. Overlay says, "DIY Felt Doll Shirt: One Size Fits All". The shirt pictured is made of felt.

Easiest #dolls’ shirt ever w/ free #DIY #sewing pattern.

Addendum: There’s a newer version of this video, which includes links (in the description below the video) to additional tutorials, including one that helps you embellish the shirt with bias tape.   Here’s the video that shows you how to make the easiest dolls’ shirt ever! Like me, you may find yourself making one in every color of felt because it’s so darned easy to … Continue reading Easiest #dolls’ shirt ever w/ free #DIY #sewing pattern.

Image Shows a Monster High doll and an Ever After High doll wearing a pair of tan pants. Beside these images are three different patterns for pants. One is for a boot-cut pair of pants or jeans; a second is for cropped pants; the third is for a straight-legged pair of pants or jeans. The overlay says, "Free printable sewing patterns for dolls with 15 centimeter inseams." It also has the watermark, " Free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes."

FREE #Sewing #Patterns for #MonsterHigh Doll Clothes (Pants) @

As with all my patterns, there’s a free tutorial too. I’ll be posting it on my YouTube channel, ChellyWood1, tomorrow, just before posting it here, on So drop by again tomorrow to watch the tutorial video that goes with this pattern. As you can see, my pattern encompasses three different styles of pants or jeans for Ever After High® dolls or Monster High® dolls. By any chance, did … Continue reading FREE #Sewing #Patterns for #MonsterHigh Doll Clothes (Pants) @