designed some #DollClothes for #Lammily

Image of Lammily's "Traveler" doll wearing long underwear, boots, and cape, and standing in a diorama with a bed and Japanese artwork on the wall.
Visit for patterns to make the cape and boots shown in this image.

Have you heard of Lammily? It’s a company that was crowd funded a couple of years ago, in the hope that artist Nickolay Lamm could design a doll with a more natural-looking figure than Mattel’s Barbie. And the “Traveler” doll he designed is absolutely gorgeous!

Her hair is a lovely chestnut brown with a silky-soft texture. She bends at the head/neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles. Her hip-leg joint is somewhat mobile as well. I’ve truly enjoyed working with her.

When the Lammily folks approached me last fall about designing some doll clothes for their lovely doll, I was truly honored! And now the patterns I have designed for them are available for purchase on the Lammily website.

If you haven’t yet added the Lammily doll to your collection, I highly recommend buying one from their website. (It’s a little less expensive than buying the doll on Amazon.) When you consider this doll’s origins, you’ll definitely agree: this is a “must-have” doll…

This company began with the premise that their doll would offer a more normal-looking alternative to the skinny-minnie dolls that are on the market today. It’s truly an inspiring objective, if you think about it. I mean, how many times do we hear about girls who starve themselves because they think they’re too fat? And where does the belief that females must be inhumanly thin come from? It starts with the dolls we buy our daughters at a very early age.

The Lammily doll takes the stance that “Average is beautiful.” What a great message to send girls!

So drop by their website and check out their amazing doll. I love mine! And while you’re surfing around their site, please take a look at the patterns I’ve designed for this wonderful new doll company!

Image of doll wearing hand-made long underwear, warming her feet by a fireplace in a diorama scene.
Visit for sewing patterns for long underwear shown here.

2 thoughts on “ designed some #DollClothes for #Lammily

  1. So glad to have found the person responsible for these patterns! Thank You! I purchased the two full outfit patterns the very day the email was sent out about them! And I’m actually the Admin for the Handmade Lammily Fashions Facebook page, so, the email was doubly exciting for me.

    I’m looking forward to creating lots of outfits for my doll using your patterns as a starting point (I never was great with drafting from scratch)! 🙂

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