Here on, F is for FREE — i.e. Free #Printable #Sewing Pattern for a #Dolling Shirt

Below you’ll find Pattern F in the Swedish Traditional Costume collection that I’ve designed for 18-inch dolls like American Girl and similar-sized dolls. All of the other patterns in this collection are free to download on my Doll Clothes Patterns page. (Scroll to the bottom for my 18″ doll clothes patterns.) For anyone who needs help printing my patterns, have a look at this video, which is designed to guide you.

Pattern F is the last of the patterns you’ll need to make the long-sleeved shirt with a collar and cuffs that you can see in my preview image. Next week I’ll post a how-to video, showing you exactly how to piece this shirt together. It’s a pretty, blousy thing, with a smart-looking collar and cuffs… any schoolgirl would be proud to wear it!

Image of shirt bodice pattern and vest pattern with 18" doll image overlaid. The doll models the shirt and vest in the images. Shirt is white with a collar. Vest laces up the front in a traditional, medieval, or Renaissance style, like one might see in fairy tales.
Visit for more free, printable sewing patterns to fit many different sized dolls.

When you print my patterns, it’s always friendly and kind to like it on FB, tweet about it, and/or pin it to your Pinterest page. That way you’re helping to spread the word that these free, printable sewing patterns exist.

Also, you must enlarge my patterns to fit a full-sized sheet of US computer paper (8.5 x 11 inches or 216 x 279 mm) before printing. My designs use a 1/4 inch seam (standard for many doll sewing projects).

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