Image of American Girl Knockoff Doll, 18 inches high, wearing a traditional Swedish costume with bonnet, vest, long-sleeved blouse/shirt, skirt, apron, and "pocket" purse. Pattern includes sleeve and cuff -- free to print. Visit for the rest of the costume's free printable sewing patterns.

C is for #Crafty #DollClothes Shirt Pattern and It’s FREE @

Yes, this is “Pattern C” for 18″ dolls like American Girl and many similar models of dolls. To make the long-sleeved, collared shirt shown in my preview post, you’ll need patterns A, C, D, and F from my free Doll Clothes Patterns page. This week I’m posting each of the patterns; then next week I’ll post a video tutorial, showing you how to make the … Continue reading C is for #Crafty #DollClothes Shirt Pattern and It’s FREE @