Winner Announced for #BreyerHorse / #ModelHorse Blanket Contest! #YAY!

Just in case you don’t recall, during the month of August, held a drawing for a Breyer Horse/Model Horse blanket, handmade by Emily Teapot. Over the Labor Day weekend, we held a drawing, and now we need to announce the winner. (Drum-roll please…)

2 thoughts on “Winner Announced for #BreyerHorse / #ModelHorse Blanket Contest! #YAY!

    1. LOL! I thought that would be fun. 😉

      And it really was random. While filming, I’m behind the camera, not in front, so I can’t see inside the tub as the doll reaches in. Of course, I have to keep moving her, but trust me, when you’re doing stop-motion, you gotta move-snap-move-snap as quickly as possible or you’ll spend all day doing a brief shot.

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