Free Printable #Sewing Pattern for #Lebanese #Sherwal Pants for Dolls

As promised, here is the first of a series of patterns I made for my traditional Lebanese Barbie costume. (I’ll share more patterns for this costume later in the week.) I used the pattern shown below to make the sherwal undergarment pants shown in the image on the pattern. I’m told the crotch should perhaps be lower, but this is what I came up with. My apologies to the Lebanese folks who would prefer a more traditional style! *blushes with embarrassment*

Sewing pattern for Lebanese sherwal underpants that will fit Barbie dolls and other fashion dolls. Overlaying image says, " free patterns, tutorials, and more"
Visit for more free sewing patterns and tutorials to match each one.

As you may recall, you must enlarge my patterns to fit a full-sized piece of computer paper (8.5 x 11 inches or 216 x 279 mm) before printing. My designs use a 1/4 inch seam (standard for fashion doll sewing projects). If you have any questions about the patterns or their matching tutorials, feel free to contact me, using my “Submit a Question” form. I’m always happy to help!

Lastly, when you print my patterns, it’s always friendly and kind to like it on FB, tweet about it, and/or pin it to your Pinterest page. That way you’re helping to spread the word that these free, printable sewing patterns exist. Thanks!

10 thoughts on “Free Printable #Sewing Pattern for #Lebanese #Sherwal Pants for Dolls

    1. I do have a sleeveless shirt pattern for Barbies. It wasn’t designed to go with the sherwal pants, but I think it would accompany them nicely. Here’s the link to my sleeveless top pattern. And just in case you wanted to make the whole Lebanese outfit, here’s the link to the dress that goes with the Lebanese outfit. (But it’s quite long, like an overcoat, in traditional Lebanese fashion.)

      You might also want a link to the tutorial video for the sleeveless top pattern.

    1. Oh, I’ll definitely have to watch for that! Did you tag me? If not, please do! I love to see what people make with my patterns! I usually only frequent my FB pages on the weekends. A person can really get sucked into all the great stuff on doll-lovers’ groups and such…

      1.   Dear Chelly Wood,I had problems finding my original post on Your timeline  on Facebook with this photo.  Please find enclosed a photo of the white top I made from the summer wardrobe pattern, I teamed it with a simple A line Skirt I made for my grandaughters Barbie doll for her birthdaywith warm regards Marcell Billinghurst.

      2. Thank You Chelly, I have attached two photos of an adapted version of your lacy negligee pattern, I made a mistake with gathering the skirt and found it was too full. so instead of unpicking I trimmed the skirt and made it into a slimline skirt with a separate top using your bodice pattern but adding a waist band, to make it into a suit. I also made a simple gathered skirt with a scalloped lace trim to go with it. I gave all three outfits to ourYoungest  granddaughter for her birthday, She saw three skirts and two tops and said where it the other one? meaning a third top. I told her that top will go with both blue skirts and I had not had time to make another one to go with it. But can make another blue top for her doll when I have time. I will have another go and making the lacy negligee pattern you have on your website  and have material and lace I can use, I have since made a lined Red Riding Hood Cape, and in the process of making a skirt, long black satin pants using  patterns I have found on other websites,I hope to use your tall barbie blouse as a white satin blouse to go with this outfit, Is the tall Barbie the same width as the normal size barbie? My Daughter wants me to make some Monster High Doll Clothes and bedding for our eldest Granddaughter.  I have been doing volunteer work at a charity shop in Australia and have found clothes I can cut up and use to make dolls clothes, to help keep costs down, Some of them I bought and some were in the Reject Box to be cut up for rags,so I got them free, I have bought them home and washed them and have unpicked some, some of the camisoles or petticoats I have unpicked are great as the material is stretch, and I can re-use the elastic. Lace and straps. as well some of the straps have tiny adjustable buckles which means I can use them as belts for dollsne of the skirts which was coming undone out of the reject box is a stretch black layered skirt with the top layer made of black see thru material with tiny gold pattern on it, I have a few good ideas for that one to make some glamorous outfits, for both Granddaughters DollsWith warm regards from Marcell Billingurst,

      3. What a wonderful report, Marcell! Thank you for letting me know that you and your family are getting so much pleasure out of my patterns!

        I should mention that when I was in college, I used to buy clothes at the local thrift store and unpick the seams to use the fabric from those clothes for making my doll costumes. You’re right; it can be a very frugal way to save money on doll clothes projects!

        In answer to your question about Tall Barbie, she does have a significantly different torso than a regular Barbie. Where regular Barbie has an hourglass figure, Tall Barbie’s figure is much more linear. Still, she’s a beautiful doll, just unique in her shape. Therefore I’m not sure the pattern I’ve made for Tall Barbie will fit regular Barbies. I’d be worried about the hips on regular Barbie being too wide for the shirt pattern.

      4.   Thank you for Chelly for your lovely email and encouragement and advice. I will try making the  pattern you have designed for Tall Barbie a bit wider and see if it fits the normal size Barbie and see it works, If I use some scrap material it will not matter if I discard it, otherwise I will use a different blouse pattern  to go  with this outfit,with warm regards From Marcell Billinghurst,

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