Who’s Playing Juliet in My #ShakespeareSunday version of #RomeoandJuliet? #MomokoDoll! That’s who!

The casting call has gone out, actors have been chosen, and Momoko (from Petworks) has won the prestigious role of Juliet in our upcoming YouTube stop-motion film, Romeo and Juliet.

I created the wig shown in the image below, as well as the four-poster bed, and, of course, I designed and sewed the costume she’s wearing (here’s the tutorial showing you how to make one). Eventually, I’d like to make how-to videos, showing everyone how to make doll wigs and even the bed. Give me time! I’ll get the job done!

But for now, just have a look at this still shot of our starring actress, Momoko, in the elegant bedroom diorama we’ve designed for the show:

Image of Momoko doll seated on four-poster bed in castle-like diorama setting
ChellyWood.com offers free, printable patterns for Momoko, Barbie, Ken, and other dolls.


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