Want to #Sew an Easy, #Crafty Cape for Ken or #Barbie? Here’s My Take on It…

This week I’ll be featuring a super easy-peasy sewing project. Even the most basic beginner seamstresses can sew a DIY cape for Ken or Barbie.

I have patterns and tutorials for more complicated hooded cloaks, and even a monk’s hooded robe, but this week’s pattern and tutorial will be the simplest, most basic cape pattern. Here’s how mine turned out, so you can preview it:

Image of a Ken doll wearing muffin cap, medieval bi-colored pants, boots, a cape, and puff-sleeves.
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Doesn’t Ken look dashing with his cape open over one shoulder? Anyone could make this easy cape, even the youngest seamstresses. Come back tomorrow for this cape’s free, printable pattern and Thursday for the video tutorial. On Friday I’ll re-post my medieval cloak pattern for the more advanced seamstresses out there.

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