Free #MomokoDoll Clothes (#真鍋 奈見江 ) #Sewing Patterns and Video Tutorial Preview

Image of Momoko Doll with Breyer Horse "Snowman"
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This week, on, I’m going to teach you how to sew a full-length, long-sleeved dress for a Momoko doll.

Momoko dolls are 10.6 inch (27 cm) Japanese fashion dolls. They’re very collectible, and you can find them on eBay. They have a lovely, dainty face, with almost-anime features. They’re considered a ball-jointed doll (BJD), but they’re produced on a pretty large scale in Japan, from what I gather.

First introduced by Petworks software company’s art designer, Namie Manabe (真鍋 奈見江), the Momoko doll was later handed over to Sekiguchi, which is a well-known doll maker in Japan. Today BJD collectors and Barbie fans alike love Momoko. She has quite a following on Pinterest, Flickr, and Etsy, where people sew, buy, sell, trade, and just admire Momoko clothing items and accessories.

My Momoko doll (So Cute Marine) has two dresses that use the pattern I’ll be sharing this week. Her first was the “wedding dress” or shift that she’ll be wearing beneath her blue ball gown in my upcoming production of Romeo and Juliet on YouTube. The blue ball gown is pictured in the diorama image on the right, with the white shift beneath it. It’s that white shift we’ll be making this week.

You can also go to my Pinterest page to see the tan peasant’s gown that I also made, using the pattern I’ll be sharing this week. So the plan is:

Monday — I posted this explanation of Momoko, who she is and where she comes from

Tuesday — I’ll be posting my first pattern for Momoko’s wedding gown/long dress

Wednesday — I’ll be posting my second pattern for Momoko’s wedding gown/long dress

Thursday — I’ll post a video tutorial, showing you how to make the gown

Friday — I’ll post a video tutorial for the apron shown in the images of the peasant’s gown

(The bonnet pattern and video were previously posted. See this link and this one, to get those.)

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