Image shows an easy-to-sew free printable sewing pattern for fashion dolls like Skipper, Barbie, Momoko, and Lammily. This pattern is free and printable at

#SummerDress for #Dolls is #4 on my top free sewing patterns list

This is my “Summer Dress” pattern for fashion dolls, and it’s #4 on my list of the “Top 15 Downloaded Patterns from” I think this pattern has risen quickly into the top five because its bodice section fits so many different fashion dolls, from Lammily® to Petite Barbie®, to Skipper®, to Momoko™, to Liv™ dolls, and many more. Not only that, but when made … Continue reading #SummerDress for #Dolls is #4 on my top free sewing patterns list

Image shows a hand-drawn pattern for an A-line dress with cap sleeves. It includes three skirt pieces, one sleeve pattern, and two bodice patterns. On the pattern page, it shows a tiny dollhouse-sized doll wearing the dress; it also shows a monster high doll and an ever after high doll wearing the same narrow-waisted dress. Each pattern piece is watermarked with the website:

FREE #Easter dress pattern for #MonsterHigh, #EverAfterHigh or tiny dolls @

I actually posted the tutorial for this dress on my YouTube channel a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve been busy! I haven’t had time to post the pattern that goes with it! Sorry everyone! Now that Easter’s right around the corner, I decided it was definitely time to post this pattern. This little A-line dress makes a perfect Easter dress for your Monster High® … Continue reading FREE #Easter dress pattern for #MonsterHigh, #EverAfterHigh or tiny dolls @

Visit for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a sewing pattern for Barbie-sized fashion dolls. It includes a measurement tool and image of a Barbie made to move doll wearing a patriotic dress that resembles the United States flag.

Free printable #pattern for #ColorblockDress for #dolls @

Today I’m sharing my Patriotic Colorblock Dress pattern for 11.5-inch fashion dolls. As always, it’s free to print. This link may help, as does this tutorial video explaining how to print my free patterns. Tomorrow I’ll post the tutorial, showing you exactly how to make this colorblock dress. It may seem odd to be posting a patriotic pattern in November. I actually designed this dress … Continue reading Free printable #pattern for #ColorblockDress for #dolls @

Image of sewing pattern for pencil skirt and heart-shaped bodice for strapless or strappy pencil skirt dress to fit Barbie-sized 11.5 inch fashion dolls. Adaptation allowed for Liv dolls and other dolls with smaller chest measurements. Image includes photo of Barbie doll wearing pencil-skirt-dress with flouncy skirt adaptation in Valentine's Day patterned fabric with a smattering of tiny hearts on the fabric.

Free sewing pattern for #BarbieStyle pencil skirt #Valentines Dress @ #Dollstagram

  As I said yesterday, I’m really behind on my pattern making, but somehow I managed to finish this pattern last night. This is the first of two patterns that are required to make the flouncy-skirt/pencil-skirt dress I showed you yesterday. Hopefully I’ll have time to work on the flouncy part’s pattern some time tonight. If so, I’ll post it tomorrow. Then I’ll offer a … Continue reading Free sewing pattern for #BarbieStyle pencil skirt #Valentines Dress @ #Dollstagram

Image of Barbie doll wearing wedding dress with overlaid words: sewing tutorial: make a pinafore dress for Barbie

#11 Sew #BarbieDoll #Clothes Tutorial for Yellow Pinafore @

For the holidays, here on, I’m doing a countdown to New Year’s eve. These are my top 15 videos from my YouTube channel! All of my free, printable sewing patterns are found on this page, and this video tutorial can give you a few tips and pointers about how to print my patterns. I use a 1/4-inch seam allowance (that’s standard for fashion dolls). But if you have … Continue reading #11 Sew #BarbieDoll #Clothes Tutorial for Yellow Pinafore @

Image of a sewing pattern with bodice and skirt to make a Quinceañera dress for Barbie

#Quinceañera Dress #Sewing Pattern for #Barbie #Dolls

Yesterday my sweepstakes contest ended, and later I’ll announce the winner. But for those of you who didn’t win, I’m offering the pattern I created for the lovely Quinceañera dress that I gave away yesterday. When you print my patterns, it’s always friendly and kind to like it on FB, tweet about it, and/or pin it to your Pinterest page. That way you’re helping to spread the … Continue reading #Quinceañera Dress #Sewing Pattern for #Barbie #Dolls

spool of grey thread

Basic Barbie Doll Skirt Pattern to #Sew #Quinceañera Dress or Wedding Dress

This week I’m showing everyone how to sew a quinceañera or wedding dress for Barbie dolls. Here’s the pattern I made for the skirt portion of this design. It’s free for you to download, print, and sew. When you download this printable pattern, make sure you enlarge it to fit a piece of computer paper before you print it. That way you can be sure it really fits your … Continue reading Basic Barbie Doll Skirt Pattern to #Sew #Quinceañera Dress or Wedding Dress