Friar Lawrence’s Robe #SewingPattern (Also Works for #Angels, #Jesus, Priests, etc…)

I’m producing Romeo and Juliet with Barbies, and I’ll be giving away all the doll clothes when the production is over. So if you know of any little girls who’d love to own a bunch of Barbie clothes, you might want to follow my blog and watch for my upcoming contest!

Here’s the second half of the pattern I used for Friar Lawrence’s monk’s robes, but if you wanted, you could also use this pattern for a Barbie and Ken angel costume, Jesus costume, priestly costume, or many other possibilities. The first part of the costume — the basic robe pattern–was posted yesterday, so just go back one post to find it.

Today I’m posting the robe’s lining and sleeve pattern. Tomorrow I’ll post the pattern for Friar Lawrence’s hood. And on Friday, I plan to post the tutorial, offering instructions on how to make the whole thing! Look back through my older posts to find the directions for making his adorable Jesus shoes!

Remember, when you go to print this, you should enlarge it to the same size as a piece of printer paper, to ensure it will fit Ken. I’d just paste it into an MS Word document, highlight the image by double-clicking on it, choose the “wrap text” button’s “in front of text” option, and then enlarge it to fit the page.

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Image Is Free to Download (My Own Creation)

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