Free 13 Inch 14 Inch 15 inch 16 inch Doll Clothes Patterns at ChellyWood

The image shows a 13-inch Disney Animators doll, a 14-inch Hearts4Hearts Girls doll, a 15-inch Wellie Wishers doll, and a 16-inch vintage Velvet doll from the Crissy line of dolls from Ideal Toy Corp. This image offers links to free printable patterns for dolls in these size ranges. All free printable patterns can be found at and for each printable sewing pattern for these doll clothes, you will find tutorial videos showing how to make doll clothes for these dolls and any dolls in a similar size range.

10 thoughts on “Free 13 Inch 14 Inch 15 inch 16 inch Doll Clothes Patterns at ChellyWood

  1. Hello! I am so excited I found you. I am wondering if you have the coat pattern for the wellie wisher? I am sewing clothes all year for my grandaughters doll and I will give them to her at Christmas. THANK YOU!


    1. Yes, the Wellie Wisher coat pattern will be posted in the fall as a back-to-school-themed blog post. I’m guessing it will post in September, but if you don’t see it by mid-September, please comment again or send me a reminder by email, by filling out my “Submit a Question” form (top menu).

      This is a great time to sew up a bunch of clothes for your grandkids’ Christmas presents! Best of luck to you, and thanks for leaving a comment.

  2. well… where are they? I mean the pattern for 14 and 16 inch dolls, which is what we have… vintage Toni dolls. We are pretty tired and discouraged by the 18 inch American Girl monopoly on doll clothing.

    1. Hi Grammy. You have to click on the hyperlink right under the picture, in order to find the patterns. There’s a tutorial on the home page that shows you how to get to the patterns you want. Click here to get to the tutorial: and then view the video at the top of the page please. That should help.

  3. hi “‘m sure glad that I was able to find this website. I am not a sewer but I thought that it would be fun to make doll clothes with my grand daughter since we all have to be at home so much

  4. Hi there! I’m looking for an 18 inch coat. I could size this 16 inch up….but i’m bound to mess it up! Any chance you have a larger version or recommendations how to scale it up? Or, alternately perhaps you have an alternate 18 inch coat

    1. I have not yet tackled a pattern for an 18″ doll coat, but I’m in the process of writing a book that will include a formula for scaling doll clothes patterns up and down. I’m sorry, but my formula will remain “secret” until I find a publisher.

      In the mean time, there are plenty of used patterns for 18 inch doll coats on eBay, which may be an inexpensive alternative. I recommend reading this post from a while back, which offers advice for purchasing used patterns online.

    1. Hi Penelope, and thank you for leaving a comment. At this time, I do not have a ball gown or wedding dress pattern for 15 inch dolls, but I do have a video and pattern in the works. It could be a while before I finalize that pattern though. (Sometimes it takes more than a year to release a pattern because it must be tested, watermarked, etc.)

      I’m in the process of trying to get a book published that shows people how to design their own doll clothes patterns using my three easy techniques. If you know of anyone in the book publishing business, please tell them about my website and have them get in touch with my literary agent if they’re interested in publishing our book.

      Once published, our book will show YOU how to design your own ball gowns and wedding dresses! (And lots of other doll clothes too!)

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