Image is a printable sewing pattern for a "pioneer" style of dress with a petticoat, drawstring purse, and bonnet. The finished dress is shown on a Monster High doll and two eight-inch dolls (Breyer doll and World of Love dolls). The image is watermarked " free printable sewing patterns and tutorials for doll clothes that fit dolls of many shapes and sizes").

#Sew a Pioneer Bonnet for 8″ #Dolls w/ this free #printable pattern @

Yes, I did post this pattern last week too, but you’ll need this pattern, in order to make the bonnet we’re sewing this week. The bonnet is designed for the tiny 4.5-inch (11 cm) heads belonging to 8″ dolls, so it’s not likely that it will fit Monster High or Ever After High dolls (although the dress actually does fit those two doll bodies, as … Continue reading #Sew a Pioneer Bonnet for 8″ #Dolls w/ this free #printable pattern @

Image of World of Love "Soul" doll in renaissance doublet (vest) with white long-sleeved shirt and simple hat

Tutorial for #Sewing a Renaissance Doublet (Vest) for #Miniature #Dolls

This vest pattern was specifically designed to fit my World of Love doll (from Hasbro). However, I don’t doubt it would be easily adapted for dolls like Stacie (Barbie’s little sister), and small dollhouse dolls. I’m certain that it’s too small to fit Blythe or Momoko dolls, and I am also sure it’s too small for Skipper. Once again, if you enjoy my free patterns … Continue reading Tutorial for #Sewing a Renaissance Doublet (Vest) for #Miniature #Dolls

Barbie Stacie Doll Clothing Image: World of Love doll wearing Stacie-sized clothing

World of Love Doll and #Stacie Doll #Clothes #Patterns and Tutorials

Last week I showed everyone how to make my World of Love Soul doll’s adorable bi-colored pants and the super easy-to-sew hat, shown in the image below. This week I’m going to show you how to make her blouse (shirt), vest, and the tiny little boots. The boots also fit Blythe, Momoko, and (I think) Stacie dolls. I’ll be sharing my patterns and video tutorials … Continue reading World of Love Doll and #Stacie Doll #Clothes #Patterns and Tutorials