This thumbnail shows a cloud-shaped 1970's style rainbow in the colors yellow, blue, green, and purple, superimposed on the usual purple cotton fabric background frame that Chelly Wood dot com often uses for its thumbnails. This frame surrounds a cell phone with a photo of a vintage "Julia" Barbie doll wearing the "Leather Weather" classic vintage doll clothes outfit. The text reads "Do a Pick" winter coats! If you click on this image in the gallery, it will take you to the "Do a Pick" game where you get to choose which coat you want your Barbie (or Julia) doll to wear when playing in a snow fort.

Let’s Do a Pick — Choose your favorite winter outerwear! #DoApick #vintageDollCollector

When I was a kid, whenever it was playtime with dolls, we would lay out all our dolls and their clothing items. Then we would “do a pick.” That’s where you take turns picking which doll or dolls you’ll play with and which outfits or accessories you’ll get to play with. Your playtime companion would take a turn picking her dolls, clothes, and accessories too. … Continue reading Let’s Do a Pick — Choose your favorite winter outerwear! #DoApick #vintageDollCollector