Image of Breyer horse TopSails Rienmaker with Laura Veterinarian Breyer doll. Model horse wears handmade blanket decorated in diamond-shaped pattern and framed with bias tape in elegant merlot color. Fasteners hold the blanket in place at the front of the model horse.

One Week Left to Win #Breyer Horse Blanket @ #modelHorse #ToyHorse

    In case you hadn’t heard, I’m giving away this horse blanket. It fits Breyer traditional model horses. Please go to this link to enter to win and to view the rules and details. And remember that the patterns I’ve made for World of Love dolls (from Hasbro) also fit 8-inch Breyer dolls like Laura the Veterinarian, shown here. All of my patterns are … Continue reading One Week Left to Win #Breyer Horse Blanket @ #modelHorse #ToyHorse