Visit for FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a Tall Barbie from Mattel posing with her hand on her hip. She wears a bright pink quinceanera dress with lace straps. Overlay says, "Quinceanera Dress DIY" and offers the URL

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Here’s my latest tutorial, showing you how to make your own Tall Barbie (or similar-sized fashion doll’s) quinceañera, prom, or wedding dress. Please note that the skirt pattern isn’t any longer than the skirts we made for my one-shoulder-look wedding dress project that I posted a while ago and the one-shoulder look prom or quinceañera dress that I posted just last week. What’s different? I’ve simply … Continue reading #Quinceañera #Dolls Dress #DIY @

Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a pattern for the bodice of a fashion doll quinceanera dress to fit dolls the size of Barbies or other similar-sized fashion dolls. The pattern includes three different bodice styles.

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If you go back to the one-shoulder-look wedding dress project that I posted a while ago or the one-shoulder look prom or quinceañera dress that I posted just last week, you’ll find a pattern that looks very similar to this one. But be advised: the patterns are not exactly the same. I’ve adapted the center bodice pattern–widened it some–so that it will fit Mattel’s Tall … Continue reading FREE #sewing patterns for #TallBarbie #quince dress offers free printable sewing patterns for quinceanera dresses to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows Mattel's Made-to-Move Barbie wearing a pink quinceañera dress with tulle overlaid. The doll poses ballerina-like before a wicker table holding a tiny 1:6 scale tea set. Overlay says, "Quince dress DIY" and offers the website url

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I thoroughly enjoyed photographing my Made-to-Move Barbie® in this lovely quinceañera dress, for this video. If you haven’t purchased a Made-to-Move Barbie® of your own, I highly recommend considering it. These dolls are amazing! They can sit cross-legged in a natural way, they can touch their own face, and they are super fun to photograph in stop-motion because they are so flexible! Well I’m gushing a bit, so … Continue reading #DIY #Quinceañera Dress for Barbie #Dolls

Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a FREE Printable Sewing Pattern for Barbie Quinceañera Dress. The watermark on this fashion doll sewing dress pattern (ball gown pattern or wedding dress pattern or quinceañera pattern) says " free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes." The pattern itself contains three different bodices, and each is marked with a difficulty scale in numbers of pink flowers (more flowers = a more difficult pattern; fewer flowers = an easier pattern to sew). As part of the pattern, a Mattel Made-to-Move Barbie doll is shown modeling the dresses that have been made by using this sewing pattern.

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This week I’m posting free patterns and a tutorial for sewing a Barbie/fashion doll quinceañera dress. Of course, this pattern can also be used to make your fashion dolls a wedding gown, prom dress, or just a lovely long dress. Yesterday I posted the skirt pattern, today I’m posting the re-designed bodice pattern, and tomorrow I’ll post a tutorial showing you how to sew the … Continue reading Barbie #Dolls’ #Quinceañera Dress #Patterns

Image shows a free, printable sewing pattern for a fashion doll wedding gown skirt, petticoat, and overlay. This pattern is designed to fit Barbie, Liv Dolls, and other 11.5 inch fashion dolls of a similar shape and size. On the pattern itself, the "Creative Commons Attribution" symbol is displayed, indicating that the pattern is free for people to use, as long as they tell people where the pattern came from. The pattern is stamped with the watermark for the following website:

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Yesterday I showed you a preview of my fashion doll quinceañera dress, which is designed to fit Mattel’s Barbie®, Spin Master Liv™ dolls, Momoko™ dolls, Queens of Africa dolls, and similar-sized fashion dolls (11-inch to 11.5-inch). I’ve actually posted this skirt pattern once before, when I posted my super-easy one-shoulder wedding dress patterns and tutorials. But we’ll be using this same skirt pattern for the quinceañera dress this week. … Continue reading FREE #Quinceañera #Dolls Dress #Sewing Patterns

Image shows three bodice patterns for fashion doll gowns. One is a strapless gown's bodice pattern. The second is a bodice with straps. The third bodice pattern is for a one-shoulder bodice for wedding gowns. These bodices fit 11.5 inch fashion dolls like Barbie, Momoko dolls, Spin Master Liv dolls, and similar-sized dolls. Pattern fits most Barbies. This free fashion doll wedding dress bodice pattern is free and printable. The wedding dress skirt pattern is also free and printable, and it's available at, along with several tutorial videos showing how to make the various dress options. Each bodice has the "Creative Commons Attribution" mark on them. Overlay offers the website where these wedding dress patterns for Barbies (and similar sized fashion dolls) are being offered:

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As you can see, this week’s Barbie®/fashion doll wedding dress pattern includes three different bodice styles. Looking back over the years, I find that my wedding dress, prom dress, and quinceañera dress patterns seem to get the most hits from new visitors to So I thought it might be a good idea to offer some new variations in these types of fancy formal gowns … Continue reading FREE Barbie #Dolls Wedding Dress #Patterns @

Image shows a made-to-move Barbie from Mattel wearing a handmade wedding gown. The bodice of the gown, which is made of felt, covers one of the doll's shoulders, leaving the other exposed. The bodice is spotted with silver polka dots. The skirt is pure white and gathered, with a silvery rick-rack decorating the bottom of the skirting. Her tiny white flat shoes peek out from under the long wedding gown. She stands before a purple wall that has two simple windows looking out at a cloudy sky. The doll's hair is blond with curls, and the overlay says, " FREE printable sewing patterns and more."

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Last Friday I posted a poll, asking my followers to tell me which dolls they sew for most. With this information, I hope to offer a helpful variety of patterns for the coming year. Two weeks before that, I posted a poll asking what kinds of patterns and tutorials you’d like me to create. The results of that poll showed that most of you want … Continue reading Barbie-#Dolls’-sized #Wedding Dress #Patterns

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This is my “Wedding Dress Bodice and Sleeves” pattern for fashion dolls, and it’s #5 on my list of the “Top 15 Downloaded Patterns from” I use this bodice in conjunction with various skirt styles to form other types of dresses as well. So if this bodice looks familiar, that’s because I adapt it for variations on the wedding dress’ style. It makes a … Continue reading #WeddingDress bodice for #FashionDolls is #5 on my top free sewing patterns list

Visit for free, printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows Brandy Norwood doll dressed in a white lacy sundress that would make a good wedding dress or Quinceañera dress for Barbie-sized dolls.

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This simple sundress pattern is so easy to make! It was the first Barbie™ dress pattern that I learned to sew as a young girl, so I’m sure, with a little guidance, even very young seamstresses can tackle this project. As always, I’m giving you my free pattern and tutorial for it, with the links below, no strings attached: Strappy sundress, wedding gown, or quinceañera dress FREE pattern for … Continue reading FREE #QuinceañeraDress or #weddingDress pattern for #Barbies™ @

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  For the holidays, here on, I’m doing a countdown to New Year’s eve. These are my top 15 videos from my YouTube channel! “How to Sew a Quinceañera or Wedding Dress for Barbies” clocks in at #6 on my countdown. Of course these types of dresses have always been popular with doll lovers, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that this particular tutorial is #6 … Continue reading #6 Sew a #Quinceañera or #WeddingDress for #BarbieDolls @

Image of Barbie doll dressed in traditional Basque dress with Renaissance Snood

Sew a #Basque #BarbieDoll Dress for Your #Barbies

When I first designed and posted this doll dress, someone told me its style was very much like that of the Basque people. That wasn’t my original intention, but hey! I love Basque food, so I’m gonna go with it! I also live in a part of the US where there are lots of Basque people. One of the principals I worked for in my … Continue reading Sew a #Basque #BarbieDoll Dress for Your #Barbies

Image of Barbie in fancy prom-style dress pointing at a framed name, "Terry"

We Have a #Winner! One of Our Commenters Won the #Barbie #Quinceañera Dress!

Yes, that long-awaited moment has arrived. One of the lucky commenters’ names was drawn for the Barbie quinceañera dress giveaway. Terry, who chose to submit her entry via my email (one of the options), is the winner! Congratulations Terry! But don’t fret if you didn’t win this sweepstakes. I’m working on a summer ensemble, consisting of several mix-and-match outfits for Barbie, which I’ll be giving … Continue reading We Have a #Winner! One of Our Commenters Won the #Barbie #Quinceañera Dress!