Image shows Ken doll from Mattel and Lammily's Photographer doll dressed in traditional Kwanzaa clothing. Ken wears an African-style hat with a green short-sleeved shirt. The Lammily doll wears a red shirt under a colorful poncho. Overlay says "Doll Poncho DIY" and offers the website:

Here’s a #Dolls #Kwanzaa poncho #DIY!

Here’s the tutorial to accompany the pattern I posted yesterday. If you’d like to make Ken’s outfit in this video, just go back to Tuesday’s post to find all the patterns and tutorials you’ll need to make his hat, shirt, and pants. I’m actually on vacation when this posts (I usually type these blog posts and set them up to self-publish, in advance of their … Continue reading Here’s a #Dolls #Kwanzaa poncho #DIY!