Image shows a doll sitting at a computer. On the computer screen it says, ""

#Sewing and More for #Barbie® #Dolls: Tips, Products, Links, Etc.

Today I’d like to look at some of the places doll collectors and doll crafters frequent. If you’re looking for inspiration, Pinterest has a plethora of Barbie images (and some free patterns) that can fill your mind with the many possible ways to dress your dolls. Do you wish you had a place to show off your creations? Try Craftster. It’s not just for folks who love Barbies®, but … Continue reading #Sewing and More for #Barbie® #Dolls: Tips, Products, Links, Etc.

Image includes pattern shapes for a dragon-shaped pin cushion. It tells how many pieces to cut out for each shape, and whether to use print or solid fabric. Overlay says, " Free printable sewing patterns."

#PinCushions make great #MothersDay #gifts

On Monday this week, I shared some photos I took of the finished dragon pincushion before I mailed it off to my “sewing swap” partner. Today I’m offering the second of two free, printable pincushion patterns, so you can make my “Sleepy Baby Dragon” pincushion too. (Look back at yesterday’s post for pattern #1.) Once again, this pincushion is not for the novice sewist! It’s quite difficult to … Continue reading #PinCushions make great #MothersDay #gifts

Here we see an image of an 18 inch Madame Alexander doll wearing a traditional Swedish costume. Around her waist is a felt, hand-embroidered "pocket," a type of purse or bag worn around the waist. The image is watermarked with the website where you can download free printable PDF sewing patterns for making this 18 inch doll outfit, including the pocket, a Pilgrim-style hat or bonnet, a handkerchief, a vest, an apron, a skirt, and a long-sleeved shirt with collar : Offers FREE Printable Doll Clothes Patterns of #Swedish #Folk Costume #FolkLoreThursday

  Now I’ve given you every single pattern and tutorial on the Swedish Traditional Folk Costume, so I’ll offer links back to everything I’ve shared. First there’s my Pinterest page, where I was first inspired by the ladies of Delarna, Sweden. (I’m not Swedish myself, but I love folk costumes from all parts of the world.) When I first ran across the pocket purses, I … Continue reading Offers FREE Printable Doll Clothes Patterns of #Swedish #Folk Costume #FolkLoreThursday

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Sewing and More for Barbie Dolls: Tips, Patterns, Videos, Links, Etc.

This week on, I’m going to address some of the questions I’ve been asked by my fans and followers. I’ll share some of the most basic how-to videos I’ve made, and I’ll offer my advice on sewing for Barbie in general. Next week I’ll go back to the usual program, offering my patterns and video tutorials for free. I’m going to kick off my … Continue reading Sewing and More for Barbie Dolls: Tips, Patterns, Videos, Links, Etc.

Image of fancy tiara-style doll hat pattern that fits Barbie dolls.

#Sewing Pattern for #Doll #Tiara

Yesterday I showed you a picture of the burgundy-colored doll tiara I planned to make for this week’s tutorial. Today I’m going to give you the pattern for it. Remember, when you download my patterns, it’s important to enlarge them to fit a regular-sized sheet of paper (8.5 x 11 inches or 216 x 279 mm) before printing. That way you can be sure the pattern … Continue reading #Sewing Pattern for #Doll #Tiara

links to pillow sewing projects

Show Me Your #Pillow — Did you make a #DIY pillow? Share it!

This week I showed you my Instagram pillow pattern and tutorial. Now it’s your turn to share. Show me your pillows! I’d love to see the pillows my followers have made. I’m simply curious. What’s out there? Do you have a DIY pillow project you’re planning to make? Share a link! Send me a tweet with your pillow image in it, and I’ll re-tweet it … Continue reading Show Me Your #Pillow — Did you make a #DIY pillow? Share it!