Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns for making doll clothes and craft items like this free Dutch windmill pincushion project. The image shows a pincushion that is shaped like a Dutch windmill from Holland (also known as the Netherlands). It is not only a pincushion, but it's also an embroidery sampler. This photo represents the final product created by Chelly Wood, a doll clothing designer who posted the free sewing pattern for her Dutch windmill pincushion on her website This project uses felt, cotton, embroidery floss, silk roses, and a cloth-covered button. Anyone can download the free printable sewing pattern for making this windmill of Holland, as the pattern is absolutely free to the public, with a "creative commons attribution" mark on the paper pattern. In the Dutch language, one would call this a "Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns for making doll clothes and craft items like this free Dutch windmill pincushion project." In German, it's a Dutch Windmühle Nadelkissen frei Nähmuster aus Holland. In Japanese, it's called a "オランダからのオランダの風車ピンクッションフリー縫製パターン" and in Chinese, you would call this a " 荷兰风车枕形免费缝纫模式从荷兰". The pattern comes with a free youtube tutorial video as well, and that can be found on Chelly Wood's channel: ChellyWood1. To print your free pin cushion pattern, just go to and click on her craft gallery page. Links from the image will lead you to all the patterns and tutorial videos you need for instructions to make a Dutch windmill pincushion (a great gift idea for someone who sews/seamstresses/sewists).

#GiftIdea: make a #Dutch windmill #pincushion for someone you #love!

I’m best known for my free doll clothes patterns and tutorials, but this week on, I’m going to share my beloved Dutch windmill pincushion project. Tomorrow I’ll be posting the free pattern, and Wednesday I’ll post the free tutorial video showing you how to make this darling little gem. This windmill pincushion project makes a great gift for anyone who loves miniatures, dolls, sewing, … Continue reading #GiftIdea: make a #Dutch windmill #pincushion for someone you #love!

The image shows a pretty red zig-zagging pattern of red embroidery floss on a pale green linen blend fabric, inside a purple embroidery hoop. The overlay says, "Herringbone stitch" and offers the URL This website offers free printable sewing patterns for doll clothes and holiday crafts as well as numerous sewing and stitchery tutorial videos.

Hand #Embroidery Stitch: How to Do a Herringbone Stitch @

    Next month I’ll be sharing my windmill pincushion pattern, and the embroidery tutorials I’ve been showing you lately are leading up to that adorable little pincushion. This windmill pincushion project could make a great Christmas gift for someone you know, especially for someone who enjoys sewing, and this project is also a great opportunity for a beginner to practice various embroidery stitches. Today’s … Continue reading Hand #Embroidery Stitch: How to Do a Herringbone Stitch @

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I posted each of these projects as separate blog posts in November, but I wanted to make it possible to access all of the patterns and tutorials for making each project, right here, on this one single page. That way, people will have easy access to all of these Christmas gift DIY projects in one spot. So here’s everything you need to make them: Instagram … Continue reading #ChristmasGiftIdeas for #DIY projects w/ free tutorials @

Image of baby dragon pin cushion in a sleeping position, with overlay that says DIY (do it yourself) dragon pincushion with free pattern. Sub-heading says, " FREE sewing patterns and tutorials"

Here’s how to make my dragon pincushion #DIY #HolidayCrafts #CraftTutorial

This tutorial goes with the two free, printable patterns, which I posted just yesterday. But in case you’re looking at this post through another online venue, and/or you’re not sure how to access the patterns for making this adorable little dragon pincushion, let me make it super easy for you! Here are the links to the patterns you’ll need, if you want to make this … Continue reading Here’s how to make my dragon pincushion #DIY #HolidayCrafts #CraftTutorial

The image shows a baby dragon pincushion curled up into a ball as if he's sleeping. The overlay tells you where you can download the free printable sewing pattern for making this dragon pincushion:

FREE pattern for #Dragon #PinCushion

Here’s my adorable “Sleepy Baby Dragon” pin cushion. I was part of a Facebook swap, wherein I made this pin cushion for one of the ladies in our group, while another lady made me a nice pin cushion too. If you’ve never done a sewing project swap before, let me say that they’re a lot of fun to participate in! If you look for my … Continue reading FREE pattern for #Dragon #PinCushion