Image shows a Wellie Wisher doll wearing a hand-made halter top with ric rac trim. The overlay says "Halter top for 14" dolls to 16" dolls" and offers the website URL This particular tutorial video also mentions that the halter top will also fit the hearts4hearts HforH H4H dolls hearts for hearts dolls as well.

FREE #Doll Clothes #Patterns for 14″ and 16″ #dolls @

Here’s the tutorial video showing you how to sew the halter top that I showed you in Monday’s post. Yes, this is the same as the baby doll dress, but on bigger dolls, it looks more like a halter top. This halter style top will fit Ideal’s Velvet (from the Crissy family of dolls), but on Friday morning I also tried it on my new … Continue reading FREE #Doll Clothes #Patterns for 14″ and 16″ #dolls @