This photograph shows the six inch American Girl Mini doll Kit Kittredge standing on a boardwalk with a seascape in the backdrop. There's a lighthouse in the distance, along with a sand bank and a dock. The doll wears tiny red Mary Jane shoes, a handmade navy blue T-shirt, and a hand-sewn skirt that's patterned with red, white, and blue wavy stripes. The watermark in the corner of the photo tells the website where you can download the free printable pdf sewing pattern for making this outfit for 6-inch American Girl Mini dolls:

#MeMadeMonday: I made #IndependenceDay #EasySew skirts for 6″ #AmericanGirlDoll w/this free pattern!

Tomorrow is June 4th, which means we citizens of the United States of America have about one month before we celebrate a nation-wide holiday: Independence Day! So now’s the time to start your 4th of July sewing and craft projects, my fellow Americans! Let’s celebrate the 4th by sewing a patriotic skirt for our little 6-inch American Girl Mini dolls! For those of you who … Continue reading #MeMadeMonday: I made #IndependenceDay #EasySew skirts for 6″ #AmericanGirlDoll w/this free pattern!

The image shows a little 6 inch American Girl doll (Kit Kittredge) wearing handmade doll clothes: a soft pink T-shirt and elastic-waist shorts. The website where this image is found is, and it offers free printable sewing patterns for both the T-shirt and the shorts, along with hundreds of other free printable sewing patterns (many are PDF format for easy download) for dolls of many shapes and sizes, including 6-inch dolls like the American Girl Kit Kittredge 6 inch mini doll.

#MeMadeMonday: Let’s wrap up #MeMadeMay with a T-shirt for 6″ #AGdolls @

If you enjoy online sewing groups, it’s not too late to join the hashtag #MeMadeMay on Twitter or Instagram. This week I’m showing off my little 6-inch Kit Kittredge doll, wearing my hand-sewn T-shirt. In case you missed last week’s post about my undercover jersey fabric hack, here’s a link. It explains how I gathered up a bunch of matching jersey fabrics for mix-and-match outfits, … Continue reading #MeMadeMonday: Let’s wrap up #MeMadeMay with a T-shirt for 6″ #AGdolls @