Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a pattern for the bodice of a fashion doll quinceanera dress to fit dolls the size of Barbies or other similar-sized fashion dolls. The pattern includes three different bodice styles.

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For easy access, here’s a more direct link to the free fashion doll pattern shown in the image above: Free fashion doll bodice pattern Please click the link above and follow these instructions to easily download, save, and print my free patterns. When I first posted this pattern, it was part of a Barbie and Ken wedding ensemble, but this week I’m showing you how … Continue reading Free #sewing pattern for Barbie #dolls’ #DIY shirt @

This is a printable sewing pattern for a bikini swimsuit top or a training bra to fit 18-inch dolls like American Girl, Madame Alexander, Journey Girls, My Life As Dolls, Our Generation dolls, Dollie & Me dolls, and most other 18-inch or 46 cm dolls. It is shown on the pattern itself, as a hand-made bikini being worn by Kaya the AG doll. The pattern is marked with a "Creative Commons Attribution" symbol, which means you are free to use the pattern but you must tell where you got the pattern. The watermark on this free printable sewing pattern for a doll's swimsuit top says "" and suggests that free tutorial videos accompany the pattern on YouTube.

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Need help downloading my free printable sewing patterns for 18 inch dolls? Here’s a link to my “How to Download and Print Patterns” tutorial video. It also helps if you use a direct link, like this one: Free printable sewing pattern for 18-inch doll bikini swimsuit top If you aren’t a regular follower at, you might be wondering where the swimsuit bottoms pattern is. … Continue reading Free #AGdoll swimsuit top or #dolls’ training bra #pattern @

Image shows an 18" doll like madame alexander dolls, journey girls, american girl dolls, crissy dolls, and more wearing a hand sewn summer shirt that's like a halter top or tank top. The overlay for this tutorial video says, "18-inch doll summer shirt" and that's exactly what this tutorial video shows you how to sew. It's a DIY tutorial video showing you how to make a summer shirt for 18 inch dolls. the watermark says "" which is where you can find the free doll clothes patterns for 18" dolls like the one shown in this vidoe.

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On Monday I showed you a preview of the summer top. On Tuesday, I gave you the free pattern. Today’s Wednesday, and here’s my tutorial video showing you exactly how to sew this cute little summer halter top /tank top shirt that’s designed to fit 18″ dolls like American Girl dolls, Madame Alexander dolls, and similar-sized dolls. I usually offer a chance to print those … Continue reading @American_Girl or 18-inch #Dolls #Summer Top #DIY w/FREE #Patterns @

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If you’d like to make this outfit to fit Mattel’s Curvy Barbie and/or Made-to-Move Curvy Barbies, using my free, printable sewing patterns and tutorials, here’s everything you’ll need to make what you see in the images above and below: Free printable sewing pattern for the whole outfit Tutorial to help you sew the pants Tutorial to help you sew the summer top In the image … Continue reading FREE Printable Sewing Patterns for Curvy #mtmBarbie #Dolls Clothes @ #youCANbeAnything

Image shows a Wellie Wisher doll wearing a hand-made halter top with ric rac trim. The overlay says "Halter top for 14" dolls to 16" dolls" and offers the website URL This particular tutorial video also mentions that the halter top will also fit the hearts4hearts HforH H4H dolls hearts for hearts dolls as well.

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Here’s the tutorial video showing you how to sew the halter top that I showed you in Monday’s post. Yes, this is the same as the baby doll dress, but on bigger dolls, it looks more like a halter top. This halter style top will fit Ideal’s Velvet (from the Crissy family of dolls), but on Friday morning I also tried it on my new … Continue reading FREE #Doll Clothes #Patterns for 14″ and 16″ #dolls @