Image of Sewing Pattern for Renaissance Faire style hat for Barbie dolls

#Sewing Pattern and #Tutorial for #Medieval Hat

Here’s the pattern for my medieval hat for Barbie dolls. You’ll notice there are tutorial-style, step-by-step instructions at the top. I won’t be making my usual YouTube video for this one, because it’s so easy! Remember that when you print these onto a regular-sized piece of printer paper (8.5 x 11 inches or 216 x 279 mm), you must enlarge the pattern to fill the … Continue reading #Sewing Pattern and #Tutorial for #Medieval Hat

Image of Barbie doll dressed as medieval warrior, poised with sword.

#Sew a #Medieval Hat for #Barbies

This time last week, I posted instructions for my medieval snood pattern. This week I’m going to go with a more cubical-style of medieval hat. Check out the image below! Tomorrow I’ll post the pattern with its step-by-step tutorial embedded in the pattern itself. That way anyone out there in Cyberspace can easily make the medieval hat you see here: Want to make the sword … Continue reading #Sew a #Medieval Hat for #Barbies