Image of Barbie doll dressed as medieval warrior, poised with sword.

#Sew a #Medieval Hat for #Barbies

This time last week, I posted instructions for my medieval snood pattern. This week I’m going to go with a more cubical-style of medieval hat. Check out the image below! Tomorrow I’ll post the pattern with its step-by-step tutorial embedded in the pattern itself. That way anyone out there in Cyberspace can easily make the medieval hat you see here: Want to make the sword … Continue reading #Sew a #Medieval Hat for #Barbies

Barbie Apron Free Pattern and Tutorial

#Pattern for #Medieval #Bonnet for Barbie Doll (Yours to Download)

Here’s my pattern for the bonnet you saw pictured in yesterday’s post. Remember, in order for my patterns to fit, you must enlarge the image to fill a sheet of computer paper before you cut it out and use it for sewing this lovely medieval bonnet. By the way, if you want to see my tutorial for making the apron on this pattern page, here’s … Continue reading #Pattern for #Medieval #Bonnet for Barbie Doll (Yours to Download)