Image of Spin Master Liv Doll Jake wearing a pair of jeans with pockets. His hand is in his back pocket, and the overlay says, "Sew Jeans for Jake with Free Sewing pattern" and below that text is a watermark: Free Printable Sewing Patterns and Tutorials"

#Sew Spin Master Liv Doll Jake Some #DollClothes!

As I’ve said in earlier posts, the pattern for these jeans was designed specifically to fit Spin Master Liv Doll Jake. If you’re not familiar with the Liv Dolls, they were manufactured and distributed from 2009 to 2012, but Spin Master quit producing them. They have gorgeous, very realistic-looking eyes. But best of all, they are highly articulated. For those of us who enjoy doing … Continue reading #Sew Spin Master Liv Doll Jake Some #DollClothes!