This image, showing a doll's tiny criss-crossed legs and itty-bitty feet is found at, where a blog post encourages blog followers to dialog about doll shoes in the comments. In this image, the doll appears to be seated in a wicker chair and her bare feet are a bit out of focus. In the foreground, however, her shoes are sharply focused, and they are pink with a T-strap. They may only be a centimetre long with an even tinier heel. The blog post that accompanies this image is great for anyone wanting to chat with other doll collectors and doll shoe makers about collecting and making shoes for dolls.

Let’s talk doll shoes @ #dollshoes #FridayFollow

Today’s blog post is all about doll shoes! I have a favorite eBay supplier to buy doll shoes from. Do you? My favorite supplier is Dodi, who runs Dodi’s Shop of Stuff on eBay. I bought some unusual shoes from her and you see a pair of them in nearly all of my stop-motion sewing videos. They were originally designed for a flat-footed “Posable Barbie” … Continue reading Let’s talk doll shoes @ #dollshoes #FridayFollow