The image shows a pretty red zig-zagging pattern of red embroidery floss on a pale green linen blend fabric, inside a purple embroidery hoop. The overlay says, "Herringbone stitch" and offers the URL This website offers free printable sewing patterns for doll clothes and holiday crafts as well as numerous sewing and stitchery tutorial videos.

Hand #Embroidery Stitch: How to Do a Herringbone Stitch @

    Next month I’ll be sharing my windmill pincushion pattern, and the embroidery tutorials I’ve been showing you lately are leading up to that adorable little pincushion. This windmill pincushion project could make a great Christmas gift for someone you know, especially for someone who enjoys sewing, and this project is also a great opportunity for a beginner to practice various embroidery stitches. Today’s … Continue reading Hand #Embroidery Stitch: How to Do a Herringbone Stitch @