The photo of a Strawberry Shortcake in a fancy yellow formal gown is framed by turquoise blue linen, as are the words "free pattern" and the Chelly Wood dot com logo.

Make a long and lovely dress for 6 inch Strawberry Shortcake dolls with today’s free sewing patterns @ #FallColors #DollClothesPatterns

Scroll down to the second set of bullets to download the free printable PDF sewing pattern. Today’s doll dress has appeared on before, but this is the first time I’ve associated this free pattern with my 6 and 3/4 inch (approximately 17 or 18 cm) Strawberry Shortcake doll from the early 2000’s. But isn’t she absolutely gorgeous in this little yellow dress? Oh my! … Continue reading Make a long and lovely dress for 6 inch Strawberry Shortcake dolls with today’s free sewing patterns @ #FallColors #DollClothesPatterns

Easy sewing #project for Barbie #dolls’ #felt shirt @

It didn’t take me long at all to whip up this adorable little outfit, so if you’re looking for some quick, easy-to-sew Barbie clothes, this week’s pattern is just what you’re looking for! Last week we made the skirt, but this week, I’m going to post the pattern and tutorial video for making the little green shirt shown in these images. Since it’s made with … Continue reading Easy sewing #project for Barbie #dolls’ #felt shirt @

The image shows a Made-to-Move Barbie standing on a leaf-strewn lawn with a white bucket beside her. She leans against two bales of hay. She wears red rubber boots, a pair of red shorts with white polka dots, and a white sleeveless shirt that has been embroidered with tiny feather stitches around the neck. The neck's stitching is red to match her shorts and boots. She stands behind a wishing well. Would you like to make the outfit shown in this image? If so, please click on the link in the caption.

#Fall #Harvest Separates for Barbie and Other Fashion #Dolls w/FREE #Patterns @

Does that doll’s outfit look familiar? I’m guessing it probably doesn’t, even though it should. Adding embellishments to a garment (rickrack trim, a swatch of lace, bias tape, or embroidery) can magically transform the look of a garment! So let’s say you have an old stand-by pattern that you already know how to sew. You’ve made three or four outfits in different colors and prints … Continue reading #Fall #Harvest Separates for Barbie and Other Fashion #Dolls w/FREE #Patterns @

The image shows Chelly Wood's hand holding a delicately hand-stitched dress made of burgundy fabric that's dotted with little yellow sunflowers. A yellow petticoat dips out from under the full skirt of the dress, and the dress's rickrack edging forms a wavy scallop along the division line between the dress itself and the petticoat. The dress has very short cap sleeves. The petticoat, too, has a scalloped edge, which has been formed by attaching rickrack to the underside of the petticoat. This handmade dress will fit Barbie and most 11.5 inch fashion dolls of similar size and shape. The overlay on this photograph says:, "Free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes."

Sew a #sunflower #harvest #season dress for #dolls w/FREE pattern @

This week’s project is what I’ve dubbed my “Sunflower Harvest” dress. It’s designed for most 11.5 inch fashion dolls, including but not limited to Mattel’s Barbie, Queens of Africa, the old Spin Master Liv dolls from the 1990’s, the 10 or 11-inch Disney Princess dolls, and many similar-sized fashion dolls. After making this dress, I gave it away to a friend’s little girl. Unfortunately, I … Continue reading Sew a #sunflower #harvest #season dress for #dolls w/FREE pattern @

Pattern for Barbie-sized doll's pinafore printable and downloadable for sewing projects

1st Day of Fall: Sew a Doll Dress that Suits the Season @ #autumn #Thanksgiving #etsy

Since it’s the first day of fall today, I thought I’d revisit this already-been-posted tutorial that shows you how to make the pinafore warn by Juliet’s nurse in my upcoming stop-motion video of Romeo and Juliet. Her costume is one of the easiest to make, and it’s very versatile. She looks great without the apron and bonnet as well.   To sew her dress, use the … Continue reading 1st Day of Fall: Sew a Doll Dress that Suits the Season @ #autumn #Thanksgiving #etsy