Image shows a doll stand with a seemingly "invisible" base. Overlay says "Invisible Doll Stands" and " free printable doll clothes patterns and tutorials."

DIY Stand for #Barbie ™ #Lammily ™ or Other #Dolls

Make your dolls seem more real by creating an “invisible doll stand” for your dolly dioramas. In this video, the Traveler Doll, made by Lammily, is shown painting Notre Dame Cathedral and also wearing a tutu in front of Degas’ famous painting, “The Dance Class” aka “The Ballet Class.” Lammily’s Photographer Doll is taking photos in front of a famous Parisian fountain, Fontaine de l’Observatoire, … Continue reading DIY Stand for #Barbie ™ #Lammily ™ or Other #Dolls