Image shows a lovely young woman wearing a handmade polar fleece hat and a handmade polar fleece scarf. Overlay says " FREE printable sewing patterns and tutorials" and offers the url (a website for tutorials and free printable downloadable sewing patterns).

Easy to #Sew Fleece Hat #Crafty Project @

Here’s a preview of the project I’ll be showing you how to make this week. Now two weeks ago, we sewed a lovely and super EASY one-shoulder wedding dress for fashion dolls like Mattel’s Barbie®: I’d like to do more with the bodice patterns from that project, but before the winter weather is over, I wanted to be sure and post this super easy-to-sew (and … Continue reading Easy to #Sew Fleece Hat #Crafty Project @

Image of Texas A and M Ken wearing Cavalier style romantic renaissance hat

Sew a #Crafty #Cavalier Hat for #Dolls w/ a Free Printable Pattern from

Yesterday I posted the free printable pattern (which is also available on this page full of patterns) for making the cavalier hat. Today I’m showing you the free YouTube video tutorial that goes with it, so you can really get CRAFTY and make this thing! Remember to show your appreciation by liking, sharing, pinning, posting, and/or tweeting about this video to all your friends. Thanks! … Continue reading Sew a #Crafty #Cavalier Hat for #Dolls w/ a Free Printable Pattern from

Image of Ken doll wearing Romeo costume with heading "Sewing Tutorial: Romeo's Pants)

Create #Renaissance Style Pants for #Dolls With this #Crafty Tutorial

Monday I showed you an image of Ken doll in his fancy Renaissance garb. Tuesday I gave you my free, printable pattern for his doublet. Wednesday I showed you how to make the doublet by following my video tutorial. Thursday I shared my bi-colored pants pattern with you. Today I’m posting the video tutorial that matches yesterday’s pattern. Don’t worry, the pants are MUCH easier … Continue reading Create #Renaissance Style Pants for #Dolls With this #Crafty Tutorial