Small dolls fit in this printable pattern for a "ghost costume" from You can print this pattern for free, and follow the matching tutorial which is found at or on Chelly's YouTube channel, ChellyWood1. The image shows a small doll like Polly Pocket TM or Chelsea TM doll from Mattel wearing the ghost costume and carrying a small pumpkin-shaped candy bucket.

#GhostStories abound with a #Dolls ghost costume #pattern

Here’s my free, printable sewing pattern for making a tiny ghost Halloween costume to fit those eensy-weensy little dolls, like Kelly®, Chelsea®, Polly Pocket®, and even some of those 1:12 scale dollhouse dolls. On the pattern, you’ll notice that there’s an arrow pointing to the ghost’s eyes. Well, I’ve adjusted where these eye holes are on the pattern, but I must be honest here; I … Continue reading #GhostStories abound with a #Dolls ghost costume #pattern

The image shows a Mattel Chelsea doll wearing a handmade doll dress. The dress is made of felt, cotton, and lace. If you would like to make this doll dress for your Chelsea or a similar-sized doll in the 4 inch to six inch size range, please click on the link provided in the caption.

Tiny #ChelseaDoll has free #sewing #patterns at

  Here you can see a preview of the lovely lace dress I’ve designed for Chelsea®, Barbie®‘s little sister. It looks more difficult than it actually is. Like the others in the “Easy-Sew Projects for Kids” series, the bodice of this dress is made with felt, which means you don’t have to hem the neckline. My plan is simple: today I’m showing you what I … Continue reading Tiny #ChelseaDoll has free #sewing #patterns at

Image shows Mattel's Chelsea (a trademarked name) doll dressed in a hand-made folk dress made with felt, lace, and folksy patterned fabric. She stands before a famous waterfall at Yellowstone Park. (The Doll was actually present at Yellowstone Park when this photo was taken. It's not a studio photo, but taken on-location.)

#DIY #miniature #dolls’ dress w/ free pattern @

If you’ve been following all week, you’ve already seen my video and pattern for making this dress. But for today’s post, I’ve put together all the necessary links in one location, for your convenience. Just click on whatever you need below: free pattern for 4.5-inch (11 cm) doll’s “folk” dress free tutorial showing how to make “folk” dress free tutorial showing how to gather fabric my free … Continue reading #DIY #miniature #dolls’ dress w/ free pattern @

Image shows' Mattel's Chelsea doll (a trademarked product) wearing a hand-made doll dress. Overlay says, "Easy-sew projects for kids: tiny doll folk dress."

How to make a #tiny #folk #BarbieDolls’ dress

Here’s the latest “Easy Sewing Project for Kids”! It’s a tutorial showing you how to make this easy “folk dress” for tiny dolls like Mattel’s Chelsea® and other 4.5-inch (11 cm) dolls. In case you aren’t aware, I posted the pattern for this Easy-Sew Project yesterday, but it might be even easier to search for the pattern link on my Gallery Page (to be posted after … Continue reading How to make a #tiny #folk #BarbieDolls’ dress

Image shows a printable sewing pattern with photographs of three of the Mattel Chelsea (trademark) dolls wearing hand-made dresses. One is a folk dress. One is a colorful school dress with modern-art decorations on the skirt. The other is a sky-blue dress with a floral skirt. All are simple to make. Overlay reads: Chelly Wood dot com for free printable sewing patterns and tutorials.

Free, printable #sewing pattern for 4.5-inch #miniature #dolls’ dresses @

  Here’s the pattern I promised yesterday. On the pattern itself, you can see that this one pattern can be used to make three different dresses. But the one I’m showing you how to make this week is the middle image. I like to call that a “Folk Dress” because of the fabric I used, which was very folksy. In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that … Continue reading Free, printable #sewing pattern for 4.5-inch #miniature #dolls’ dresses @

The image shows a Mattel Chelsea doll wearing a handmade doll dress in a folk dress style. Click here to download the free printable PDF sewing pattern and to view the tutorials for making this dress:

Sew an #EasyDIY #dolls’ dress for Mattel’s #Chelsea™ with a free pattern @

This is a preview of what I’ll be making with you this week. I’ve created a new series on my YouTube channel, in case you haven’t heard. It shows the absolute beginners how to do everything from sewing a hem to adding lace to fabric. This doll dress, which is designed for 4.5 inch (11 cm.) dolls like Mattel’s Chelsea™ doll (and similar sized dolls), … Continue reading Sew an #EasyDIY #dolls’ dress for Mattel’s #Chelsea™ with a free pattern @