Image shows a basic blanket stitch in red embroidery floss on a blue/green background. The overlay states: Blanket Stitch "with" Corners and offers the URL This is the YouTube header for a youtube tutorial video showing how to do a basic blanket stitch, including a blanket stitch that uses corners. The tutorial offers both visual and written instructions for making the blanket stitch for hand embroidery, including a method for wrapping the floss around a corner when doing the blanket stitch by hand. Visit for additional craft tutorials and hand embroidery tutorial videos.

How to Do Hand #Embroidery: Blanket Stitch w/Corners @ #Stitchery #DIY

Some of you have left comments on my YouTube channel, stating that you’re looking forward to making my windmill pincushion project, which I’ll be posting in November. The string of embroidery tutorials that I’ve been posting lately, including this basic blanket stitch tutorial, are leading up to the windmill pincushion project. If you watch this video tutorial for blanket stitching (hand embroidery), you’ll see images … Continue reading How to Do Hand #Embroidery: Blanket Stitch w/Corners @ #Stitchery #DIY