Soul, one of the 9-inch World of Love dolls from Hasbro, stands alone in a room with a single office chair and window. She wears capri pants made of a cotton fabric that's decorated with tiny pink flowers and lavender-colored vines. She wears a matching lavender shirt with two tiny buttons at the top. The shirt has long sleeves and a conservative rounded neckline but no collar. She wears tiny white plastic flats. If you would like to make an outfit like this for your 9-inch (23 cm) dolls, you can find the free, printable PDF patterns at along with tutorial videos showing how to make both the shirt and the capri pants. The website is marked with the creative commons attribution mark, so by downloading these patterns, you agree to share them on social media and tell where they came from.

Capri pants for 9-inch / 23 cm #dolls : this week’s #sewingproject

This week on, we’re going to sew a pair of capris for 9-inch (23 cm) dolls like my Soul doll, from the World of Love doll collection from Hasbro. Soul was my very favorite doll when I was a kid, but I didn’t own her. My cousin, Virginia, did–and I was terribly jealous! Every time we got together to play dolls, I would ask, … Continue reading Capri pants for 9-inch / 23 cm #dolls : this week’s #sewingproject

A Spin Master Liv doll wears a pair of black elastic-waist pants and a simple white felt shirt. She stands in front of a red brick wall on a concrete floor. Her hair is long and black with bangs (fringe). She wears a pair of red and black handmade slip-on shoes.

Mix-N-Match 4: Liv #dolls’ free #dollclothes #sewing patterns @

The Spin Master Liv® dolls are such elegant creatures, aren’t they? I just love to design clothes for them, and I really like working with them in stop-motion. That’s because they’re nearly as articulated as the MTM Barbies®, their glassy eyes look almost real, and their joints look very natural when exposed. Would you like to make the outfit my Liv® doll is wearing? I … Continue reading Mix-N-Match 4: Liv #dolls’ free #dollclothes #sewing patterns @