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In this photo, a Vogue Ginny doll wears a combination of the following easy to sew doll clothes: a felt sleeveless top and a pair of elastic-waist shorts. She also sports a pair of plastic shoes in blue. Her felt shirt is made of pink felt. Her shorts are made of pink cotton fabric that's got tiny strawberries on it. The image is found at, as the logo in the bottom right corner tells us.
Please visit for free printable PDF sewing patterns and tutorial videos for making doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and all different sizes.

For your free patterns and tutorial videos, please scroll down to the second set of bullets.

When you download today’s free, printable PDF sewing patterns for making this cute felt pajama top and these little pajama shorts for your Vogue Ginny dolls, please don’t be confused by the fact that you can see another doll’s image on these doll clothes patterns.

I did a lot of “clothes swapping” to see whose doll clothes will fit on Ginny, and that’s how I ended up using the patterns for these particular doll clothes.

Now you don’t have to use these patterns to make pajamas for Ginny, but that’s certainly one option. These could just be her every-day play clothes as well. It’s a matter of picking the right fabric for the right occasion.

Using flannel for your shorts and felt for the top makes it seem especially pajama-ish! So here are a few links to supplies you might want when you’re sewing this outfit…

You can make your shorts out of cotton or flannel fabric and your top out of craft felt, and you’ll also need some 1/8 inch elastic for the shorts and some size 4/0 snaps for the back of the felt shirt.

Today’s patterns will fit these dolls*:

Here are your free, printable PDF sewing patterns and tutorial videos for making the outfit shown at the top of this page:

Are you wishing this pattern was just a little different in its design? That’s what my paid course teaches you: “How to Alter Doll Clothes Patterns.” In fact, we actually use this shorts pattern — YES, this very same shorts pattern — in my course.

So consider signing up for my paid course, if that sounds interesting to you.

The image is a JPG format doll clothes sewing pattern for making a simple elastic-waist skirt and a super easy-to-sew felt shirt to fit 10 inch dolls like Creatable World dolls, Disney's Moana dolls, vintage Pepper dolls (from Ideal Toy Corp.), and Mattel's Skipper, Barbie's little sister. Visit Chelly Wood dot com to download and print the free PDF sewing pattern for making these easy to sew doll clothes.
Please visit for free printable sewing patterns for making doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and all different sizes.

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This image shows a pants pattern and a shorts pattern on a single page in the form of a PDF. These are doll clothes patterns, and the heading at the top of the image says, "Free sewing pattern for doll pants and shorts." Pictured on the image are photos of a Rainbow High 10 inch doll wearing the shorts and pants with two different tops. These doll clothes patterns are marked with the logo for and they are stamped with a Creative Commons Attribution mark. They have been given three purple flowers to indicate the difficulty scale for this doll pants pattern / doll shorts patterns.
Please visit for free printable PDF sewing patterns and tutorial videos for making doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and all different sizes.

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