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Dora the Explorer's little friend Alana stands big-eyed in a North Pole diorama. Snow is all around her, and Santa's sled, loaded with toys and packages, is right behind her where she stands in the snow. In front of Alana, we see a tiny train on a miniature train track which carries more packages toward Alana, who looks a lot like an elf in her handmade green Christmas dress made of a green felt bodice and a green floral cotton skirt with eyelet trim.

If you’ve been following my blog lately, you’ve seen these patterns and tutorials before, but when I’m done posting all the bits and pieces of an outfit, I like to post everything in one easy-to-find post. This is that post!

As you can see, these patterns will fit the 8-inch Dora and Friends dolls, but they also fit many other dolls too. Just look back at my “North Pole Christmas” stop motion video to get a good idea of all the different dolls these patterns will fit.

Now for the patterns and tutorials you need. Here you go:

Holiday Doll Dress Pattern

That’s all I have for Dora and Friends today.

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