Sew a pretty “princess” dress for Barbies with my free PDF sewing pattern #AmSewing #DollClothes

Here we see a Mattel Barbie doll wearing the quintessential pointy hat and princess dress. She takes a bow on a theatrical stage. Her gown reminds us of Disney princesses or heroines like Juliet from Romeo and Juliet.

For your free patterns and tutorial videos, please scroll down to the second set of bullets.

I’m actually sewing a pink version of this lovely Renaissance gown right now. It’s time to start making those Christmas gifts, right?!

And with Halloween close by, I thought I’d give you another outfit option for your dollies’ costume parties as well.

Today’s pretty princess dress was worn by Lady Capulet in my stop motion video version of Romeo and Juliet, so I sometimes call it my “Lady Capulet gown.” And my free printable PDF sewing patterns for making this dress are marked with five flowers, so that means it’s not for the beginners out there.

To make today’s project, you’ll need cotton fabric (here’s a grey print similar to the fabric I used), size 4/0 Dritz snaps, and also a bit of black tulle, 1/4 inch elastic, and craft foam for the hat.

Today’s patterns will fit these dolls:

Here are your free, printable PDF sewing patterns and tutorial videos for making the outfit shown at the top of this page:

Please note that the tutorials are quite old, dating back to the earliest days of this website, when I was just blogging as a personal sewing journey without realizing that I would one day have a bunch of followers! So I apologize for the poor quality of the lighting in those old videos.

I’m hoping to re-do the hat tutorial especially, since it’s really hard to see the steps on that black fabric. As I said at the start of this post, I’m actually making the same outfit in pink right now, and I hope to eventually re-post the tutorial for the hat with a lighter fabric.

Feel free to pinlike, or tweet about my free patterns and tutorials. Here we see the bodice and sleeve pattern for making a Renaissance gown for a Mattel Barbie doll. The pattern is marked with five purple flowers, indicating that it's quite advanced as a sewing project. It also is marked with a "Creative Commons Attribution" symbol, which means you're welcome to download these free patterns, but please tell everyone where the free printable PDF sewing patterns for these doll clothes can be found. This portion of the pattern is only the sleeve and bodice pieces. To download the rest of the pattern and to link to the free tutorial videos showing how to make this Renaissance dress for Barbie sized dolls, please go to

Please visit for free printable PDF sewing patterns and tutorial videos for making doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and all different sizes.

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