Doll Photography Tip #10: Avoid Glossy Doll “Skin” #Photography #Dollstagram

Fashion dolls are typically made of hard plastic, and yet we want them to look life-like in our photos. So how do we avoid the glossy look of a doll’s hard-plastic “skin?” This doll photography tutorial video helps you solve this notorious problem.

My regular followers know that in my day job, I’m a school librarian, but you probably don’t realize that I teach classes too. One of the classes I teach at my school is journalism — which includes lessons in photography, of course.

When I first started my job as our school’s journalism teacher and yearbook advisor, I knew a little bit about photography, but not nearly enough. I bought the book, Stunning Digital Photography, by Chelsea and Tony Northrup, and, giving credit where credit is due, that’s where I learned most of the tips and tricks in these doll photography videos I’ve produced.

Now, as stated in last Friday’s blog post, I’ve begun to use affiliate marketing on this website to generate much-needed income to support this site. But I won’t recommend any products I haven’t purchased myself, and I keep a copy of Stunning Digital Photography in the “Yearbook and Journalism” closet at my school so I can reference it whenever I need it. This book really is my go-to book for photography.

So if you’re visiting this page to improve your photography of miniatures, dollhouses, dioramas, or just your photos of friends and family (because it’s not a book that’s specific to photographing little tiny things), Stunning Digital Photography would be a good choice. ‘Nuff said.

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