The image shows Barbie's little sister Stacie wearing a handmade tank top that's purple with white polka dots over a short lavender-colored skirt. The little doll peers into a standing mirror, and in the mirror's reflection we see Stacy's smiling face. It looks like she's very pleased with her handmade doll clothes! If you'd like to make this summer shirt and short skirt doll clothes set for Stacie or another 8-inch or 9-inch doll (like Lottie dolls, Bratz dolls, Mego female action figures, or similar sized dolls), visit where you can find the free printable PDF sewing patterns and tutorial videos that will show you exactly how to sew these doll clothes.

Stacie Doll Clothes Patterns and Tutorial Videos @ #LittleSister #StacieDoll

Please scroll down to the second set of bullets for the free printable PDF sewing pattern and links to any additional relevant tutorial videos. Of course yesterday we saw the tutorial for making the shirt shown in the image at the top. But today I’m posting the tutorial videos and patterns for the entire outfit: the sleeveless summer shirt and the elastic-waist skirt shown on … Continue reading Stacie Doll Clothes Patterns and Tutorial Videos @ #LittleSister #StacieDoll