How to find which dolls can wear each other’s sewing patterns (clothes swaps)! #Dolls #DollClothes

I recently received a question from a blog follower named Sylvia. She asked, “Do you do Sindy Doll patterns? And also Penny Bright 8-inch doll patterns?”

Well, Sylvia, I wasn’t able to email you. Scroll down, please, to see my response to your very helpful question…

Today’s video is designed to help blog followers answer these kinds of questions for themselves.

On this website,, there’s a feature called, #TapeMeasureTuesday, which offers sewing measurements for some of the dolls I design clothes and sew for frequently.

Here are the steps you need to take, in order to find sewing measurements for your doll (these steps are covered in the video also):

  1. Find the spyglass-shaped search tool near the menu on this site.
  2. Click on the spyglass.
  3. Type into the spyglass search bar #TapeMeasureTuesday followed by a space and the name of the doll you want measurements for.

Example: #TapeMeasureTuesday Crissy

If the person reading this happens to be Sylvia, who sent me this question, first, THANK YOU. Your timing is PERFECT! And secondly, I did try to send you an email, but it bounced back. So you may have mistyped your email address in my contact form. Please try it again, as I saved my original email for you.

It’s my understanding that Sindy and Tammy dolls have the same body mold. So if you type #TapeMeasureTuesday Tammy into the search bar, you should be able to find measurements for Tammy dolls. That way you can confirm whether or not the patterns will fit your Sindy.

Along the same lines, my World of Love doll clothes patterns fit 8″ World of Love dolls. Search for #TapeMeasureTuesday World of Love to check out that doll’s measurements and compare them to Penny Bright’s measurements.

Please leave a comment here or in one of the #TapeMeasureTuesday blog posts, letting all of us know whether or not Tammy-and-Sindy and/or Penny-Bright-and-World-of-Love have similar measurements. Thank you!

I’ve been thinking about doing a tutorial on the #TapeMeasureTuesday feature on this website for quite some time, and your email inspired me to get the job done. So thank you, Sylvia!

Taking dolls’ measurements isn’t my favorite past time, but I know it can be helpful to people when they’re trying to find out whether or not a certain doll can wear another doll’s clothes. Recently I’ve kind of quit doing the #TapeMeasureTuesday features because people weren’t visiting those pages.

But maybe that will change now that my followers understand the purpose behind the #TapeMeasureTuesday feature and how it’s used.

Best of luck to you, Sylvia! And thanks again for your timely question!

7 thoughts on “How to find which dolls can wear each other’s sewing patterns (clothes swaps)! #Dolls #DollClothes

  1. Yes, vintage Pedigree Sindy and Tammy can share clothes. I have both dolls. I am not sure if the later Hasbro Sindy dolls might be a different size (perhaps smaller around). But definitely the older Sindy dolls that look similar in the face to Tammy, are the same.
    Hope that helps.

  2. Tammy clothes will fit the original Sindy bodies perfectly. They are virtually identical. However, the Sindy with the twist and turn waist is slimmer so for the clothes to fit nicely a bit of alteration may be required. Also, some Sindy’s made around 1966 are shorter than Tammy. I have some of each kind and while the 1963-66 clothing fits them all if I were sewing for them I’d want to allow for that and get a better fit.
    World of Love dolls are rather slim and clothes for Skipper or Dodi might be a better fit than Penny Brite.

  3. I think the measurements r important. From what I’ve seen most ur cloths r for dolls by name. I’m trying to make a wardrobe for a crocheted unicorn. I 1st used ur 12” doll dress I modified the pattern by pinning it to the unicorn. I mostly had to widen the chest. After making the dress the front center was to big so I re-did the dress making the fold line over hang the fold then increasing what would be the sides. I will post some pics soon. If the patterns had measurements like human patterns anyone w/ an unnamed doll or homemade dolls could better fit ur patterns. Even a master chart on ur site. Like 12” fits chest 10” waist 9” the length of garment from neckline to waist. Then we can find what size overall fits our doll. Thanks. I think ur tuts r wonderful and w/ hand sewing instructions a very young beginner can have success.

    1. I like the idea of a “master chart.” I’m going to think about this for a while and see what I can come up with. I’m not sure how to design one, but I’m going to give it some thought.

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