Sew a long skirt for fashion dolls with today’s free patterns @ #sewing #diy

I was traveling during the month of December, so I never got to post the patterns for this long skirt with elastic waist, which fits most 11 to 11.5-inch fashion dolls. So although it’s January, you can see photos of a Christmas scene with my Queens of Africa doll in the video above.

In spite of the poor timing, here are the free, printable PDF sewing patterns for making the skirts shown in the video:

Tomorrow and Friday I’ll make blog posts that include images of the dolls, plus links to the strappy shirt tutorial and the patterns for the shirt.

Remember, it really helps me out a lot if you share this video and/or images of these patterns on social media. Let other people know where you’re getting all these great free patterns!

The dolls pictured in the video above are Queens of Africa dolls. You can learn more about them at

The dolls themselves were designed by Taofick Okoya.

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  1. I tried to print out the long skirt pattern, and it is just a big white blank. Is there something wrong,am I doing something wrong? I am doing the same as I have always done. Thank you.

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